Minutes 6th Dutch Ambassasors meetup

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Minutes meeting CS NL 17-01-2010

Present: Floris (Wognum), Liza (Utrecht), Jasper (Utrecht), Sanne (Utrecht), Linda (Den Haag), Gerard (Rotterdam-suburbs), Clarissa (Maarssen), Tamara (Groningen), Annemarie (Zwolle), Maikel (Oss, chair), Guiseppe (Groningen), Nicholas (Rotterdam), Tommy (Leiden), Erik (Arnhem), Sytse (Arnhem), Marten (Maastricht), Henri (Arnhem)

1. introduction

Sytse: Next year there will be a Arnhem-calling again

2. ambassadorship

Liza gave a short update about the worldwide developments concerning ambassadors

Liza is almost done with the reorganisation of the CS NL group, nice that finally almost everybody replied.

3. Newsletter

   * reactions were positive
   * so far 1418 unique people visited the site
   * The newsletter helped a lot for getting people to Arnhem Calling
   * NMW could redirect new members to the newsletters (Henri > people in the NMW)
   * It would be nice to have a link to the site on the NL group (Liza, Henri)
   * Nicholas might be able to a get the site hosted on the couchsurfing servers. We keep this in mind for when the number of visitors will increase. Nicholas will check the possibilities.  (Nicholas)

4. Actionlist provious meeting

  • cities without ambassadors: no developments yet
  • foundation research: Linda: association is no option at all, there are quite some formal requirements and costs for that, but there are also advantages. Other countries (Indonesia, Hungary) have got more experience about it.

Linda will investigate more, Erik and Clarissa can assist a little bit.

         o Dutch groups reorganisation: Guiseppe: it is almost done

         o Group moderation: Guiseppe will check which groups are not moderated. Please reply if you know people who might be suited to moderate them.

5. Location fixing

     Manu needs help to know which should be the correct name of a place.
     These people can help:
     Brabant / Limburg: Maikel
     Gelderland: Erik
     Overijssel: Annemarie
     Drente, Groningen: Tamara
     Friesland: Menno
     Utrecht: Jasper
     Noord-Holland: Floris
     Zuid-Holland: Gerard
     Flevoland: Tommy puts his finger in a dike  

6. Collecting names from the past

     2 reasons:
         o thanking people for involvement
         o not forgetting old contacts

     Henri will make a start with a private list 

7. Next meeting

     End of march in Zwolle 


Clarissa: who wants to help with organising a Couchsurfing Orientation meeting (on a local scale):

     Tommy, Tamara, Annemarie, Maikel, Liza

Tommy: we need to update the adresses in the contact list in the Google Group. Liza will go after that. If you want to be in the document, give Maikel your private e-mail adress

Floris: would like to have more experienced people involved in the countryside invasions

Action list

Nicholas: investigate the possiblities for putting the CS NL newsletter of the CS servers

Henri: Ask Dutch people in NMW to tell new members about the Newsletter

Henri, Liza Link the Newsletter on the Netherlands group

Linda Investigate more about a foundation

Guiseppe Check which groups are still unmoderated

Henri Start with a private list of people who helped us in the past

Annemarie Organise a meeting in Zwolle

Clarissa Get into contact with people who want to help with Couchsurfing orientation meeting

Liza Update contacts on the google group