Minutes 2nd Dutch Ambassasors meetup

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2st meetup of the CS_Organisation_Netherlands

location: J & L's crib (Utrecht)

Present: Giuseppe (city Ambassador Groningen), Liza (city Ambassador Utrecht), Jasper (city Ambassador Utrecht), Maikel (active member), Kim (Leiden representative), Menno (Amsterdam representative), Martine (country ambassador Belgium), Chris (city ambassador Aachen, Germany), Aldo (Global ambassador).

Absent with notification: Harold, Rose, Ramon, Esly, Henri, Tim

Absent without notification: Shilp, Klaas, Konstantin, Sannie, JP1978, Joris, Paul, Martiniman, Eleanor.

Welcome to new ambassadors

Everyone told why they became active, what they are active with and what working groups they are involved in


Important people are missing for a good evaluation.

some short observations:

- We started too late

- To the outside the list of sub-event looked very chaotic

- We were lacking a big central event

- There were too many things at the same time

- In general we were very good at brainstorming and coming up with a lot of submeetings but lacked the ability to focus on a short list of events.

Mission and goals

- Get to know each other

- Organise things together

- Help to get travellers in the Netherlands off the beaten track and to put the Netherlands in a broader perspective

- Give a framework for new ambassadors with information, advice, help on a local job and answers to questions

- Motivate each other to get a momentum

- Reaching out abroad

- Help finding solutions for problems together

- Finding creative ways to get new members active

Ways to reach our mission and goals

- mentorship (new ambassadors get help from an experienced ambassador)

- Regional coordination (west / south / north)

- Coordination for 'out of border activities'.

- Recruiting new ambassadors

- Making activities of the beaten track

Who: will be discussed online.

Intern organisation

How do we organise ourselves?

- Rotating locations

- The people from the host location will present theirselves and will arrange minutes

(The next location will be Groningen)

- in every meeting there should be time for a brainstorm about other meetings like we did today

Inactive ambassadors

Henri should get into contact with inactive ambassadors to find out if they are really inactive and if so if the want to stay ambassador. Possible inactive ambassadors are Martiniman (Eindhoven), Joris (Amsterdam) and Eleanor (Rotterdam).

Henri should invite all nomadic ambassadors within the Netherlands into the Netherlands organisation group and should ask if they want to be more involved.

European coordination

- google-calanders can be usefull for internal coordination, not for reaching out abroad.

- It is good to have 1 or 2 representatives from neighbouring countries at our meetings.

- A meeting of country ambassadors in the North-west of Europe might be usefull.

- A meeting of ambassadors near each others border might be usefull.

- A good way of keeping track of each other is joining eachothers groups. Most of us don't want to interfere with discussions in other peoples groups (allthough nobody seems to mind if that would happen in their own group).

Ambassadors in conflict

how do deal with questions about negative references:

  • There is a group about support on writing references, it could be useful to refer people to that group
  • In doubt always ask to contact the safety team.
  • On a negative reference, always be short and factual, not emotional.

Business cards

Several people seem interested in them. We will check in our local groups if other members are interested so we could order a lot at the same time on national scale.


There are diffent opions on this subject. Important is always to be open about what you use the money for and to use the money only for specific perposes so not for something general.