Meeting Minutes/2021-02-21 Regular Meeting

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Date: 2021-02-21 **16:00** UTC

Facilitator: Tanja

Present: Ivan, Chagai, Sabrina, Shawn


  • Hellos and checking in.
  • Last week's Action Points (10 minutes):
    • Tanja is going through survey to collect some questions we can anwsers in the GitHub and upload to our FAQ on the platform and communicate with our members through the newsletter/social media.
    • Join #hackathon to talk about topics/tasks for the next hackathon.
  • New topics / questions
    • Adding new circles, what's the proces/how does it work? There're requests but so far no circles have been added @mikael?
  • Action points and outcomes
    • For the Hackathon we're going to use as a landing platform for people joining the Hackathon from outside the volunteer team. @chagai and @shawn are "on call" the whole Hackathon to welcome people. The jitsi is going to be the platfrom where all volunteers can go straight away: There's a global planning for the coming hackathon: Feel free to add more projects.
    • @ivan will post the flyer for the Hackathon which then can be shared in our community groups and on social media: @chagai @shawn @kai
    • The next newsletter is going to be published coming week.
    • Next meeting will be during the Hackathon.
  • Pick facilitator for next meeting

Next Date**: February 28, 16:00 UTC