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Date: 2021-01-17 **16:00** UTC

Facilitator: Tanja

Present: Akos, Shawn, Chagai, Iván, Loberto, Farbenrausch


  • Hellos and checking in.
  • Last week's Action Points (10 minutes):
    • @Chagai posted a proposition about how to suggest a videocall to members in #support.
    • @Shawn is in contact with Sabrina and will check up on her.
    • @Shawn is going to set up a "Friday happy hour" for our members.
  • New topics / questions
    • Updating the 'Team Guide' (@Tanja)
    • Creating new user survey (@Tanja)
    • New user survey: @farbenrausch explained the last one took many hours to create so for a new one we should do some thorough thinking about what we want to know from our members. The last survey results shows a lots of valuable information that can be checked here: @loberto suggests to not include the "channel" and "chat" suggestions of @chagai in the next survey, to disuss this more about among volunteers. It's clear members would like a TR option to connect with other members. There hasn't been a blog about the survey results yet.
    • Social media is up and running. IG (@shawn & @ivan) and Twitter (@Kai) are back on. If anybody has images they would like donate you can use this link:
    • @shawn is in touch with a filmmaker who offers to create video's for Trustroots. Join #communication to talk about what kind of videos we need.
  • Action points and outcomes
    • @Chagai suggestion to try out a videocall before hosting is discussed in #general. Join the converstation if you want.
    • @Shawn is going to facilitate a "members happy hour".
    • @Tanja is going to update the "Team Guide", who wants to join can on #va_secret_lab.
    • @Shawn and @Tanja are going to go through the results of the last survey to collect usefull information. If anybody wants to join in, tag us in a comment :)
  • Pick facilitator for next meeting

Next Date: January 24, 16:00 UTC