Meeting Minutes/2020-11-13 Regular Meeting

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Date: 2020-11-13, 16:00 UTC

UTC Facilitator: Hlib

Present: Hlib, Loberto, Iván

Previous week action points

  • @Shawn and @Iván will help with this further recruitment of React volunteers this week.
    • They contacted some people on CS but no response yet.
  • @Chagai and @Hlib will meet to discuss what is needed to get the experiences feature finalized:
    • The meaning didn't happen but Hlib will try to understand how much effort we still need to put into experiences.
  • Newsletter will be drafted and promoted (@Tanja and @Shawn and whoever else is interested to contribute)
    • Update on this needed


  • Hellos and checking in.
  • Hlib updates on what happened with Weblates integration:
    • Translators can work with weblate now. We will be merging pull-requests from weblate with translated strings every now and then, and it'll be possible to test the changes on dev2. We are almost ready to deploy localisation to production, there are a few small things left
  • Loberto suggests we put information about dev2 and devmail into the getting-started-with-i18n document. Loberto was not sure how to bypass chrome's warning about bad certificate and access the dev2 instance. He manages to do from incognito mode.
  • Hlib is going to start working more actively on experiences. Hlib is going to go through experience-design channel and summarize everything so that no idea that was generated is lost. Possibly identify more sources of ideas (e.g. women’s opinions about safety etc.).
  • Loberto says he doesn’t use slack much these days. If someone needs him, send him a message on WhatsApp, email, message on trustroots.
  • Iván has been contacting people regarding react programming, but there have been no replies yet.

Action points and outcomes

Next Date: November 20, 16:00 UTC

Next Facilitator : Hlib

  • @Loberto will take another look at Spanish in weblate.
  • @Hlib is going to go through the experience-design channel, summarize everything into the list of ideas so that no idea is lost. He will also try to understand what is still required to roll out experiences.