Meeting Minutes/2020-11-06 Regular Meeting

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Trustroots Meeting

  • Date: 2020-11-06 18:00 UTC+4/CEST
  • Facilitator: Shawn S.
  • Present: Hlib, Tanja, Ivan, Noah, Bilal, Chagai


  • Hellos and checkin
  • Tanya is a new volunteer, she is from the Netherlands, lives in France and is interested to help with Social Media and promotions.
  • Bilal is a new volunteer, he is from Pakistan, works in public policy and law and is interested to also help on non-technical projects and would be willing to help as general counsel / legal team if created.
  • Ivan is a new volunteer from Indonesia and wants to help with recruitment of React volunteers and will work with Shawn on it.
    • Update on Experiences
      • Hlib said he cannot give an update on how much work is still needed to launch experiences. He said it is a complicated feature, ad there was work to add the ability to reply, and to list the experiences.
      • Hlib said he was working on internationalization features for the site, including translation.
      • Chagai suugests more testers are needed for these features
  • Future Trustroots Hackathon was brought up. We know it can happen outside Turin, Italy hosted by Martin. Travel is restricted so while a Hackathon that brings everyone in person together may not be able to happen, Hlib suggested a hybrid version of a Hackathon, whereby some in Europe can come together and some can join virtually during the same time. Shawn can help facilitate some ideation exercises and human centered design exercises. Mid to Late December was suggested by Shawn as a potential date as people go into the holiday season off work.

Action points and outcomes


  • Chagai will create Whatsapp general Trustroots group to generate "noise" and interaction
    • The Whatsapp was created, one for announcements and one for community chatter. Chagai has been moderating primarily, and it has helped bring in a few volunteers.
  • Chagai will create REACT specific Whatsapp group to help push forward Github requests, specifically Experiences
    • This has not as of yet been created because we do not have new React coder volunteers yet.

  • Next Date: November 13, 16:00 UTC
  • Next Facilitator: Shawn S.
  • Shawn and Ivan will help with this further recruitment of React volunteers this week.
  • Chagai and Hlib will meet to discuss what is needed to get the experiences feature finalized.
  • Newsletter will be drafted (Tanya and Shawn and whoever else is interested to contribute)