Meeting Minutes/2020-07-20 Regular Meeting

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Trustroots Weekly Meeting

Date: 2020-07-20 **16:00** UTC Facilitator: Mariano, Loberto Present: Ludo, Chagai, Mariyano, Loberto, Phillip, Shawn, Stove, Kasper/Guaka


  • New(ish) Volunteers Welcome Call - THURSDAY 23RD, 17:00 utc / Loberto
    • Please come!
    • Invite anyone you know is on slack
  • Talk about importance of reference base system /Shawn&Chagai
    • Chagai is taking care of it as his top priority. He' welcome to anyone's help. Philipp is available to assist and test In the upcoming week.
  • Live or recorded Content from time to time elaborated for the community /Mariano
    • The idea is to create content for a Youtube channel for the community. So someone who is ok for being on camera, people could do a video summary of the Weekly call. Or other types of content; e.g. screencast of coding, conversation about travels, how to improve trustroots, etc.
    • We will start a conversation about on Slack. MARIANO takes point on this
      • Look at what Matrix opentechwillsaveusall and Jitsi (bi)weekly call are doing on YouTube

Action Points

  • This call was recorded! Chagai need to find a place to host it and share it with everyone.
  • STILL need a discussion on protocol for recording video calls. (interest, how-to, and also check for consensus in each call).
  • Shawn will look into seeing how to promote events with the most active users, maybe writing info for a Newsletter. Mikael might ping him in relation to this.
  • Mikael will blast a short blurb to social media for call for developers
  • Need more people to learn how to send newsletters. A couple of people should know how to do it to not create dependency/stress.