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== Action points and outcomes ==
== Action points and outcomes ==
* '''Next Date: July 20th 2020, 16:00 UTC'''
* '''Next Date:''' July 20th 2020, 16:00 UTC
* ''''Next Facilitator: Mariano''''
* '''Next Facilitator:''' Mariano
* VA team will go through Volunteer instructions, improve on them and create a volunteer guide of sorts.
* VA team will go through Volunteer instructions, improve on them and create a volunteer guide of sorts.
* Two
* Two
* Three
* Three

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Trustroots Meeting

  • Date: 2020-07-13 16:00 UTC
  • Facilitator: Loberto
  • Present: Chagai, Loberto, Mariano, Martin A., Michael, Mikael, Paula, Shawn


  • Hellos and checkin.
  • Do we want to record?
    • Nope, we asked at the call. :-)
    • Needs concensus for each call
    • Let's keep good notes
    • Chagai brings up Jitsi example where they record videos, publish on youtube and since it's so accessible, it's easier for new folks to join in since they see the energy.
  • we haven't really changed time for a few weeks.. should we? /Loberto
    • sticking to 16 UTC for now so that everyone can join
    • earlier time is more inclusive for south-america
  • Last weeks points:
      • More discussion is needed to see the desire to record meeting
      • We'll keep talking about it in Slack
    • Shawn will look into seeing how to promote events with the most active users, maybe writing info for a Newsletter
    • Currently working on it, ish..
    • Mikael to ping about something he might be able to help it. :-)
    • Use social media to reach out
    • Get data on active users
    • Chagai will implement a test bridge between Slack and one other platform
    • Chagai is working on it.
    • jitsi instance first up.
    • No chat in jitsi :-( We can use Slack!
    • VA Team is gathering info to share around: regular calls, volunteers map, and those outside of slack.
    • Feeling a bit like forward progress is slow but step by step moving forward nevertheless!
    • If you use Codi, keep an eye out for a Best Practices handout
    • pending progress
    • Efforts are going towards Documentation, so start documenting things done, changes made, etc
    • Martin A. will look into creating a Guide for Guides.
    • If things worth noting happen, let's share them in the Weekly meeting (add them to the Agenda)
    • Maybe we should make a call for more Devs in the next Newsletter
    • No space in next newsletter
    • Blast short blurb to social media for call for developers /Mikael
    • Could be good to keep "call for volunteers" in each newsletter. Just food for thought!
  • Do we want to add a review of last week's action points as a standard meeting point? Keeping up with what has been decided and so on. /Martin A.
    • Sandboxing the time to 10mins or so might be good?
    • Focusing on things that weren't done yet or especially those that are blocked would be good
    • Take notes on Codi first whenever possible and then it's faster to go through it.
  • This already happened so we can skip....Chagai wanted to talk about creating a jitsi/riot instance at .trustroots.org. Either briefly here or organising a specific meeting if needed.
  • Next up going out: newsletter/blog-posts/tribes-rename? /Mikael
    • Need help with anything? Need help with actually sending the newsletter.
    • Mikael can learn this up and will make it a grou-learning session/record screen.
    • NDA needed for the access to email addresses when sending the newsletter.
  • Audit on tools and resources we have an where is it documented?/Paula
    • Until now knowledge just gets passed from person to person; documenting some tools and routines is of course welcome!
    • All docs we have are at https://team.trustroots.org (to update content)
    • Martin A. has a list of non-techie tools, somewhere :)
  • Team volunteer documentation
  • Using project management tool like ClickUp? /Paula
    • A tool for non-techies :-)
    • Unlimited users for free
    • Team tested Github a bit for non-tech use
    • Loberto could be test person for testing out Github for project management
    • Mikael recoomends just to experiment with tools — it's better if these are free for starters, but in longer term we can even pay reasonable prices for some tools (like we do for development/servers). We're doing similar experimentation with different call tools right now — each week trying something new. :-)
    • Martin A. will be able to have a proper look at GitHub and how to adapt it to non-tech people (workflow etc.) in the next week or two.
  • Slack Best Pracices according to Loberto =)
    • Loberto would like public permission to police about threads and using right channels for right topics (reminded about #random)
    • Everyone is cool with this :-)
  • Unique Safehaven status for hosters during Quarantine? /Mariano
    • good for PR and chance to promote for media? /Chagai
    • Technically reduntant work?
    • Bringing this up via social media might be easiest we can do — connecting folks in groups? easiest small thing we can do
    • As an example Airbnb has similar iniatitive for refugees from two years ago
    • We might little bit late on this — efforts put on social media and connecting with Argentina nomads could be good?
    • there are existing projects that work in this area, let's connect with them and spread their awareness via social media

- There's a call for new volunteers Thu/Fri?

  • - Should we reach out for recent new volunteers that have been a bit active but then dropped out? /Martin A.
  • - Reach out to volunteers all the way up to big changes at CouchSurfing
  • Your talking point here :)
  • Additional topics/questions
  • Pick facilitator for next meeting
    • I'm up /Mariano

Action points and outcomes

  • Next Date: July 20th 2020, 16:00 UTC
  • Next Facilitator: Mariano
  • VA team will go through Volunteer instructions, improve on them and create a volunteer guide of sorts.
  • Two
  • Three