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Trustroots AhoyParty Meeting

  • Date: 2020-07-09 15:00 UTC
  • Facilitator: Loberto/Martin A.
  • Notes: Martin A. + Everyone
  • Present: Chagai, Loberto, Martin A., Shawn, Stove, Paula


  • Review previous Action Points:
    • √ Confirm with Mikael which roles needs an NDA
      • We'd want to keep this information (and the welcome message etc.) in a more permanent place than Slack as well. /Martin A.
      • Support, database access, GitHub owners etc. Not all too common.
    • √ Welcome message to be copied and pasted by VA for the meantime
      • Confirm with Mikael about Greetbot implementation, work with copy-paste in the meantime if this takes a while.
      • VAs to establish/foster family-like atmosphere
    • √ Loberto to write welcome message for support
      • Todo in the near future.
    • List down the recurring meeting schedules
      • Currently only weekly and support (+ VA) I think. We could try to help Mikael organise the biweekly tech call. /Martin A.
      • Confirm meeting schedules and create a doc on it
    • Ascertain that there is only one channel of joining as volunteer
      • Not sure we can (or want to) prevent people from simply joining the Slack workspace. Sending an email is one extra step that is unnecessary for people who are somewhat tech savvy. /Martin A.
      • How to deal with volunteers that are unfamiliar with Slack to avoid losing them. Perhaps an addition to the support message for those people. Would be good to have a Slack walkthrough in general.
      • There's more or less only one channel as is, at lease in practice
    • Include guidelines on proper onboarding for volunteers per area
      • Perhaps a questionnaire to discover volunteer abilities.
      • Might add on more work for VA's than necessary with a PM structure/Martin A.
      • We're already working on it with #AreaChampions, ish /Loberto
      • We can look into implementing a questionnaire while continuing this process.
      • Volunteer database with skills listed
      • Reconnect with inactive volunteers to check on them and give them updates/Shawn
      • Map out volunteers per area for VAs to know / area champion /loberto
      • Volunteer's profile specially for VAs /Loberto
    • √ Create separate channel for discussing VA (name to be decided)and for just welcoming volunteers
      • All okay with name. Yes!
    • Check for documentation of conventions and tools on different volunteer areas and collate it
      • Wait until PM tool is setup.
      • Decide what are the essential infos that need to be included in Area documentation
  • Vol Welcome call: just before Monday call? or Thu/Fri? /Loberto
    • Probably better Thu/Fri for now, especially as we want to decide on Monday the 20th :D /Martin A.
  • First one Thu/Fri and let's see after. Announce this on Monday Call (write down on the Agenda)
  • Mondays could be too Mondays for new volunteers.
  • Jitsy etiquette etc. probably a good idea.
  • Go Through TO-DO List and name responsible person? /Loberto
    • This could be added to the PM tool later, with responsible person etc. Probably easier then than now. /Martin A.
    • Migrate to GitHub projects all the ToDo list /Loberto
    • Paula (with Loberto) move the To-Do list from the Ahoy's codi, and actions points from this meeting
  • Project Mgmt tool (Trello, GutHub project boards, Wiki, ?)
    • I could set up a test project so we can see how it looks on the different platforms. Would perhaps avoid Trello to not add a new tool. /Martin A.
      • This would be after publishing the newsletter and relevant blog posts, so second half of the month. If anybody wants to do it sooner, feel free to do so :) /Martin A.
      • Already started project board on Github, needs polishing/Paula
  • Thoughts and comments on the Meeting Minutes walk-through (as standard for volunteer docs.) /Martin A.
  • Write minutes, move unresolved action points forward, upload to Wiki.
    • We didn't talk about this, but Martin said he would take care of it tonight. =)
  • Areas for this Codi: Agenda, Action Points, ADD TO PROJECT BOARD, notes /Lobero


  • Both retaining volunteers when they start as well as avoiding them to fall away after a month or two.
  • Creating a humane side to volunteering important to keep volunteers active and interested.

Action points and outcomes

  • NDA's aren't that commonly needed and already requested when needed.
  • Ask Mikael again about removing obsolete add-ons on Slack so we can add the Greetbot and then evaluate how it works.
  • Loberto will write a welcome message for support.
  • Create a document with short information of recurring meetings and a link to the minutes page(s).
  • In developing #AreaChampions we may want to create a questionnaire to get a better overview of people's skills.
    • Shawn would be happy to take care of this when implemented.
  • We would want a system to reconnect with inactive volunteers and see if there's some way we can reactivate them. (Without pushing, of course.)
  • When the PM tool is set up we will organise the documents to create as walkthroughs for our different tools.
    • For now we will try setting things up on GitHub and see how that works out. Under "Community" for now but might want a name change.
    • We will also shift over the current to-do list there and organise things better than in the pad. Paula and Loberto in charge of that.
    • Martin A. will create a guide to creating guides.
  • We will try a new volunteer welcome call on the week following Monday the 20th of July, announcing it on the Monday meeting.
    • Creating a summary of things to mention such as Videocall etiquette etc. a good idea.
  • In addition to welcoming new volunteers we will later on want to look into ways to improve volunteer retaining after a month or two.
    • An important aspect is to create a humane feeling to volunteering so that people feel connected to the group and the project.