Meeting Minutes/2020-07-02 AhoyParty v1

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Trustroots AhoyParty Meeting

  • Date: 2020-07-02 14:00 UTC
  • Facilitator: Loberto, Martin A. (+others later on?)
  • Notes: Martin A. + joint effort
  • Present: Loberto, Martin A., Matt Stove, Michael, Paula


  • New volunteer meeting second half of July, check again on weekly meeting the 20th
    • Open for anybody new who wants to join and have questions
    • Is there a way to contact recent volunteers
    • Create ongoing list of new volunteers to not contact everybody continuously
  • Standard message for new people from support when they are added to slack.
    • Loberto will have a look at it and bring things forward.
  • Divide the Slack channel to have one for welcoming new volunteers and their quesions and another for discussion the role of the VAs.
    • AhoyParty for welcoming people
    • VA_discussion/VA_channel for discussions (set to #va_secret_lab)
  • In the future there will be an async tool which can be used for project management. This should not necessarily affect the progress of VA preparations though as we can do it in pads etc. and then gather everything in the async tool.

Action points and outcomes

  • Confirm with Mikael which roles needs an NDA
  • Welcome message to be copied and pasted by VA for the meantime
  • Loberto to write welcome message for support
  • Check for documentation of conventions and tools on different volunteer areas and collate it
  • List down the recurring meeting schedules
  • Ascertain that there is only one channel of joining as volunteer
  • Include guidelines on proper onboarding for volunteers per area
  • Create separate channel for discussing VA (name to be decided)and for just welcoming volunteers