Meeting Minutes/2020-06-08 Regular Meeting

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Trustroots Meeting

  • Date: 2020-06-08 19:00 UTC+2/CEST
  • Facilitator: Everyone, ish
  • Present: Carla, Changai, Michael, Dario, Martin, Gabriel


  • hellos and checkin
  • value priorities
    • Dario thinks it better to wait until Noah is around, postponed for now.
  • summary of renaming tribes videocall /Martin
  • sexual abuse case - Support issue transparancy
    • summary: /dario
      • someone reported another member of sexual abuse, years ago, unrelated to TR
      • problems:
        • believing the victim and protecting them and the community vs wrongly excluding someone (much less likely, we think)
        • looking into the messages only with consent vs. not making the victim feel as if we wouldn't believe them
    • input / feedback:
      • simply "believing the victim" doesn't scale – but whats the alternative?
      • suggestion to only act upon a police report
        • keep in mind that most sexual abuse cases are not reported to police out of fear /dario
      • vouching feature
  • update from the mobile side of things /Michael
  • pick facilitator for next meeting
  • random question
  • integrate riot? integrate the matrix protocol without riot? /chagai
    • proposal to simply set up a matrix instance on trustroots servers now
    • later on:
      • integrate matrix protocol in trustroots, at first without federation
      • advantages:
        • instant messaging instead of waiting 15 mins for cronjob
        • include matrix's messaging features like "liking a message", "answering to specific messages"
    • cons:
      • how to handle safety stuff then?
    • action points:
      • bring it up again in a more tech-y meeting, also when Mikael is present who implemented messages

Action points and outcomes

  • Next Date: June 15, 18:00 (presuming we're alternating 18:00 and 19:00)
  • Next Facilitator: Martin? (Not all too trustworthy schedule, if somebody else can it'd be great..)
  • The value priorities discussion will be held at a future meeting.
  • Alternatives for new Tribes name available in Slack and the pad, discussions as to which one is best suited should be held once a good number of opinions are on the pad.
  • Preparing workflows for difficult support cases and potential ways to block a member could be useful. (Is the blocking feature something we're already working on? /Martin)
  • It might be an idea to look into something similar to the CS vouching feature in the future.
  • Michael is happy to get feedback on the mobile design. Beta likely live in about 2 weeks(!)
  • Riot integration should be brought up again in a more tech-specific meeting, preferably with Mikael present as he implemented messages.