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Trustroots Meeting

  • Date: 2020-05-25 18:00 UTC+2/CEST
  • Facilitator: Nick/Mikael
  • Present: Dario, Ying, Michael, Mikael, Bryan, Ludo, Gabriel, Martin (secretly listening)


  • presentation of a few stats (Mikael)
    • Brazilian has a very high conversation rate!
    • showing a lot of new people arriving from Social media after the CS announcement
  • hellos and checkin
    1. what is your current life situation/context?
      • Nick: kind of full-time on these volunteer/opensource projects, low income, move around quite a bit
      • Mikael: co-founder of TR, not much time right now, kids and job
      • Ludo: living in Italy, studying/working in social work, not much spare time, graduating soon and hoping for more time, started at hackweek
      • Michael: currently living/breahthing/loving software dev in south germany, local stuff, information systems, lots of spare time, jumping around projects
      • Ying: first time in meeting! in Zurich, CH, between jobs, has quite a bit of time right now, but in a few weeks maybe working full time again
      • Dario: part of TR for 1.5y, mostly focused on university degree (computer science), end of money is near, so trying to rush through, more time in uni than anticipated. ~5h/week for trustroots
      • Bryan: working full time in Hell-sinky, furloughed 1day/week right now, normally not much time for stuff but like sticking around
      • Martin: living in Turin (like Ludo) to be close to the mountains
      • Gabriel: phd student in sweden, for 1y to work on thesis (on robotics), working with students in brazil
    2. what are you motivated to contribute to trustroots?
      • Nick: a bit of everything, and helping people, when there are other people doing all the other stuff, maybe I revert to development more, a lot interested in organizational structures too, and abstract philosophising stuff
      • Mikael: trying to not be a bottleneck, have opinions/thoughts, developer/designer/manager, aiming to do more design and less coding
      • Ludo: in support team, replyng to emails, reports, technical issues, newsletter messages, also helping with translations
      • Michael: contributing swiss army knife skills of react native, already started!
      • Ying: joined because of CS incident, looking for an alternative and found TR was open source and volunteer made, why not contribute! not really high-tech tech guy, analytics/mathematics background and financial stuff, lots of data related stuff (not much finance data needed here :)) short term, help out with some basic analytics, but need to get familiar with infrastructure, how it works. long term: maybe we can apply some advanced analytic tools, machine learning if it fits in the scope. e.g. enhance security feature from the platform.
      • Dario: mostly answering support messages, and organizational stuff, github issues, motivated to get more active with coding
      • Bryan: groupy from, have been around the whole time, socially if nothing else, a cool project! like being part of a whole world of projects that outside capitalism and connecting the projects. was lead dev for (funding opensource) and that’s current focus still in free time. feels very aligned.
      • Martin: Plenty motivtion, less skills, do what I can when there’s time.
      • Gabriel: old CS user, really like the community/idea, hospitality/sharing, missed the best time of CS
    3. what do you need from others?
      • Nick: uuummm
      • Mikael: not sure, people to take ownership, and be proactive
      • Ludo: mostly asking from the support team as hard to get into the tasks, also random questions about computers :) (and private issues, etc, feel very supported)
      • Michael: pretty fine navigating system right now, would like to see reporting issues tackled to get past app-store barriers
      • Ying: a lot of help from technical side, and what is the plan, how do we organise, first time on open source project, a lot to learn
      • Dario: technical introduction… glad I can ask any dumb question on slack, enjoy the communication culture
      • Bryan: not a lot! mostly spectating.
      • Martin: not much unless trying to do smth I don’t know, happy to talk and chat with ye all though!
      • Gabriel: some help understanding how it’s working, workingon dev issues
    4. what can offer to others?
      • Nick: anything, ask me!
      • Mikael: unblocking people to do things, connector
      • Ludo: happy to feel useful, in both psychical and practical sense, so just ask :) happy to discuss about visions and meanings and shades of the words used in traslation process.
      • Michael: love and passion! enjoying motivation and can offer opinions!
      • Ying: not sure yet, always available at the moment, so feel free to share things with him, a lot of curiousity right now
      • Dario: can introduce new people to support team tools if interested, doing a lot of moderator/organizational stuff in local groups but not so confident to do that in English right now
      • Bryan: just, hi, I’m here!
      • Martin: more words than perhaps striclty required for discussions, thoughts, ideas ect. Some language expertise :D
      • Gabriel: can work on the dev project, experiened with nodejs, curious with the design part too, evaluating frameworks, create reusable libraries, refactoring, testing
  • Focused developer call (Mikael)
    • we’ve had main call for a while, still figuring out structure
    • support has their own call on wednesday
    • would be nice to have a call for each “team”
    • once a week or every two weeks
    • what technical tasks people are working on
    • idea to have working groups for temporary issues that come up
  • A log for async topics/decisions? Similar to Github but for non-development work. (Mikael)
    • github is great, but should be more technical focused
    • and to capture things that happen in slack in a more permanent way
    • we tried discussion forum before (discourse)
      • but we didn’t define what it is for
      • random people would drop in comments
      • (we had previously invited the community, but weren’t ready)
    • thinking more like a wiki where you put stuff, rather than a discussion place
    • at work (automaticc) they have loads of blogs (“lets put everything in a wordpress”), e.g. putting meeting notes in blog posts, and use comments, proposals go into a post, and discussion goes under, can get email updates/rss feeds etc
    • maybe public, but clearly for internal use
    • not opposed to forum, but harder to work out mechanics and culture
    • what is the difference compared to
      • if it was just for the team, not thte community, that should work no?
      • seems the same as a blog?
      • mikael: more simple/focused, like a log, but more async
    • examples of what it might be used for:
      • meeting notes
      • ideas, bigger discussions or proposals
      • decision log
    • could discuss in a document (e.g. google docs) with comments?
      • seeing it more like a stream
  • Current state of the React Native art (Michael)
    • login works
    • thread list works
    • map shows up
    • offline works
    • navigation slide-in works
    • looking forward to proof of concept!
    • plan is to implement all the features on the site
    • Mikael: thought to simplify the client-side image logic fetching and have an API for images. Otherwise we implement the same thing double in web-client and mobile-client.
    • Next:
    • reading messages, sending messages, marking messages read,
    • i18n?
    • Need: deploy repo, new public repo for code
  • Change of “Tribes” to “Circles”, “Communities”, “Groups”, “Other”?
    • Suggestions how to decide?
    • Need for layout change to make them seem less essential?
    • maybe a good chance to create a working group for work it through
      • one of the people that raised the issue was invited to slack
  • Current state of references (mini update) (Nick)
  • Current state of translations (mini update) (Nick)

Action points and outcomes

  • propose a time for a regular tech call [Mikael]
  • continue discussion about blog/forum for team in slack [Mikael]
  • create react-native public repo for app [Mikael/Nick]
  • create react-native private repo for fastlane config [Mikael/Nick]
  • communicate to the person about the tribes renaming [Ludo]
  • writing in slack to announce the working group for tribes rename [Nick]