Meeting Minutes/2020-05-04 Regular Meeting

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Trustroots Meeting

  • Date: 2020-05-04 17:00 UTC+2 / CEST
  • Facilitator: Nick
  • Participants: Nick, Julien, Mikael, Edvard


  • hellos / check-ins
  • code of conduct read through (Martin/Nick)
  • Newsletter update (Julien)
    • 8 people had joined newsletter group at hackweek co-ordinated by Mariano
    • pad was started for work, but not much progress
    • Julien has been collecting content, about 50% done :)
    • too much content for a newsletter, thinking to send teasers in newsletter and full content in blog
    • Mikael suggests to focus on smallest first step goal to not get paralyzed with bigger goal
    • Julien feels it’s not his project, and would like to recruit Mariano back to support with work :)
    • Mikael was wondering if there could have been new-volunteer issue with task ownership, Julien feels good enough to continue
    • Nick will send a short recap about trustroots hackweek going online-only
    • discussion about formatting, simple plain HTML is fine (or start with markdown and convert), for more complex layouts, need email clients don’t support much HTML so need to use “email-specific” templates, mailtrain has some features for this if desired, but needs some learning
    • importance of having proper footer (see existing trustroots emails, or templates in mailtrain)
    • need unsubscribe link (link to settings)
    • mention that possible we are getting more problems with being seen as spam so have to be careful about it
  • non-binary followup (Nick)
    • two possible steps we discussed previously that we could do after the storm dies down (which it has by now)
      • contacting the weblate people to let them know what happened (Mikael)
      • me (Nick) personally wanted to share/warn/inform a wider set of people about this incident (contributing to the public/wider debate on such topics)
        • Nick will write personally on his mastodon, and possible a blog post in the future follows, Mikael was interested in finding out if anybody has any tips
    • Weblate thread:
  • meta: call structure/rhythm (Nick)
    • does the timing still work, nick is wanting to have other people to help co-ordinating/facilitating the call
    • … we went into discussions of the role/purpose of the board, legal responsiblities, etc…

Action points and outcomes

  • Mikael will write to weblate about the non-binary topic sometime
  • Julien will proceed with newsletter with offer of help/support from Nick
  • Nick will try and stimulate people to read/comment on the CoC

Next meeting

  • Next Date: 2020-05-11 17:00 UTC+2 / CEST
  • Next Facilitator: Julien