Meeting Minutes/2020-04-19 Trustroots online hackweek closing session

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Trustroots online hackweek closing session

  • Date: 2020-04-19 18:00 UTC+2
  • Facilitator: Edvard
  • Participants: Abel, Dario, Edvard, Julien, Ludo, Marco, Nick, Philipp

Arrival, welcome & meeting introduction

Purpose of the meeting:

  • group cohesion - getting things an people together
  • wrap up and celebrate
  • reflection on the hackweek
  • outlook for the future - how to continue from here

Summary and celebration

» What came out of your subgroup?

» 2-3 min per topic

getting started with trustroots coding

presenting: nick

who: marco, dario, eduard, nick


  • conducted code wlkthroughs and 1 on 1 sessions
  • VS code and mumble setup worked well for presentation (one person still struggling with VS setup)
  • intention to built on ongoing learning

react migration

presenting: edvard

who: dario, edvard, nick


  • big, ongoing task that already existed
  • going from angular -> react
  • got pages section migrated and in a PR :)
  • eduard happy for introducing more people to these tasks

references feature

presenting: abel

who: abel, michal, nick, dario, edvard


  • had been a long term delayed discussion
  • got more pragmatic about implementing with an action plan
  • worked in two teams
  • changing UI to focus on Experience, and made it more personal
  • added optional public feedback


presenting: ludo

who: dario, ludo, philipp


  • had a session with 2 new people
  • introduced to support tools (zendesk)
  • discussed shadowban feature and how/when to use it
  • how to use github issues
  • support team gone from 2 to 4 people :)
  • next step: meeting of all 4 team members, to get to know each other and to write out rules for difficult cases


presenting: nick

who: nick, nino, kacper


  • upgrading node?
  • upgrading mongodb 3.x -> 4.x
  • moving mongodb engine to wired tiger
  • setting up ansible for newcomers
  • enable self-hosted services


presenting: marco

who: marco, michal, ludo, dario, abel, ...?


  • a session on using weblate
  • discussions about alternative tools and approaches
  • came up with approach to "be brave and click save"
  • will create a page on team site to invite everyone to contribute

iOS app

presenting: nick

who: theo, mikael, nick


  • Theo wants to get involved in doing the mobile app
  • current android app is just the website in a box
  • next step is publishing a similar iOS app in the app store -> very painful
  • add features to the webview current thing vs make a new very simple native app
  • for devs it's nicer to have a simple and small codebase. So let's move forward starting a new one using react native.

content - roots of trust

presenting: Julien can say smth if Mariano isn't available.

who: mariano, julien, jerôme, nick


  • about a newsletter, bimonthly (every 2 months)
  • not just about new features, but getting better connection with the community, about lifestyle and stories
  • every issue would have a topic announced in the previous newsletter, then people can contact us with new content
  • first newsletter: "what do travellers do when the world goes on lockdown", with subtopic about having online hackweek instead of in-person
  • started collecting stories already :)


presenting: edvard

who: nick, julien, edvard


  • had quite a lot of ongoing discussions about organization
  • had organization session with big round sharing our individual values and beliefs
  • super big and exhausting topic!
  • still quite far to actually make group decisions based on this
  • very enriching in understanding motivations
  • eduard proposed some next steps using some material from his company, looking for feedback :) ... with interest we can go further, read the post!

Sharing our reflections

» ~5-6 min per person

» Please prepare your part in advance, so we have our minds clear to listen to others instead of thinking about ours

  • things that went well
  • things that went not so well
  • emotions experienced
  • open thoughts for the future
  • how will I go on from here?


  • managed to have some kind of community, with shared music streaming, somehow it worked!
  • didn't feel pressure to have to be there and organize something
  • code walkthrough felt very helpful
  • wasn't clear to everyone what level tech was needed for discussions, need to make it clearer when non-coders were welcome
  • quite happy that it started! wasn't even sure if it would happen
  • didn't feel like he met his personal goals getting into coding
  • a lot of motivation though


  • mikael was right that things will work out, was worried the empty schedule wouldn't get filled, glad it got done!
  • references, structure, communication went good, needed sessions and times
  • many new people got involved
  • sometimes checking in/out, not very populated
  • sometimes some technical problems, could have prepared?
  • at some points felt responsible to do certain things, week has been overwhelming because of personal life topics
  • would like to do in-person hackweek/collective/meeting/whatever
  • after this week, focus on some other things
  • want to finish references feature to get to production and write a blog post about it


  • the meeting actually happened! didn't epect that
  • didn't have a specific goal, but a nice community feeling, and could explore what is going on
  • feel motivated to continue
  • being at specific times in front of the computer not so good
  • sometimes felt disappointed, imaginging it might be easier to get involved and understand things (although more complicated things also seemed more interesting)
  • would like to repeat, but in person, maybe forming groups of 2-3 people working on specific things


  • after learning about in-person event was postponed, online event seemed useful, but unlikely to achieve human connection and cared most about that, so demotivated by that. then! surprised to get this empathy feeling through the screen. the sharing events helped a lot to keep mind on it.
  • sometimes overwhelming feeling as there is a lot to do at once, struggling with computer skills
  • not feeling so self-empowered at times, always needing to ask people how to do stuff
  • but feel less scared now :) everything seemed strange signs/codes/brackets, still don't know everything, but trying, and finding tutorials. broke a barrier of it being "not my thing"
  • insight: "computers are not enemies" :)
  • check-ins went well, everyday having this time to connect and plan
  • everything was accessible and understandable, not too many secret coder words
  • smart use of all the channels, slack, mumble, codi, wiki
  • sometimes check-outs not so populated, didn't really agree on their importance (although without wanting to force people, but sharing what is good for us and what is useful)
  • want to continue with another rhythm, as this week was stressful, will be easier and more pleasent to get involved in translations, etc..
  • look forward to in-person hackweek!


  • sharing a lot with what ludo just said
  • got a good inside view of trustroots and how it works (met expectation to get to know a bunch of people behind the project and how an open source project like is is developed)
  • enjoyed walkthrough session with nick, managed to setup local setup, have an issue to work on!
  • got to know people a lot more, despite not being in-person
  • would like a personal meeting in a big group and travel to visit and host other people, we are all the team and the "clients"
  • would have loved to have had more brainspace to be part of the process, the week had a lot of other stuff going on, actual working time pretty low
  • could be more gender balanced, wondering if broader membership is also so unbalanced, would be a good idea to think about this for a meeting, how we communicate about this, and how we get the barrier down, as coding is still so male dominated thing
  • touched by the organization topic, really existential to talk about how we want to work and what we value as work, really nice to have these discussions, hope to stay in touch, nice to have a community to talk about this stuff
  • really pleased as felt really free to express what is going on in mind, whether it's connected to trustroots or not, a lot of warm chats around
  • curious how it will go on, so many things to work on! a lot of ideas, very optimistic
  • challenge is to stay active on the project, to keep a sense of connection after enthusiatic time during hackweek, hard to stay connected afterwards, trying to add it on agenda to at least do one thing, or maybe gets left behind
  • will try to take some small challenges and stay connected on slack, and listen to the music stream :)


  • happy that the hackweek actually took place
  • good number of amazing new people, bringin in different perspective, also the proacriveness
  • liked the morning call to get the day started and have a wider talk
  • happy about the progress with references. prooved that we still can built new features
  • I was jumping between many different tasks too much
  • felt a bit like differnet teams or projects?
  • felt that the group transcendes and something more was happening that just the individual contributions
  • got exhausted part way though cause I felt responsible to provide input and information for people
  • how to get coherency with the coming and going of people?
  • how to onboard people better? I'd like a better structure or format
  • how to build a process of building a features to include community, developers etc.
  • how to make a collaboration structure so that it works well with people's lives
  • I'd be around in the next meetings
  • I'll try to gather my contribution in block
  • I'll be around for questions
  • I'll also try to check out from work more and better


  • just arrived, had no idea it was going on, heard about it half way through, no idea there were so many people here!
  • hospex is super important, really want to get into it more and here to stay
  • don't know so many people, but hope to change
  • didn't seem so much going on, quite sparse, seemed maybe there was stuff going on in between
  • stuff going on seemed low efficiency, lots about feelings, values, music, and only concrete things by the end
  • in newsletter meeting, once the talking was done felt alone
  • did good work together with eduard on the governance topic
  • should have had some socialising topics, talk about not work related things, or maybe there was?
  • probably missed a lot of stuff, but that's ok :)

Eduard (u or v? who knows! - both work :D )

  • was positively surprised about the laid back atmosphere, and self emerging structure of the week, people offering workshops and updating wiki, taking notes works, really easy going, really amazing
  • hadn't worked on an open source project before, welcoming and people actively lowing the barriers, e.g. code walkthrough
  • learned a lot, was a main motivation, and definately happened
  • noticed the first meetings were less effective, figuring out during the meeting how to go about - only having a headline, but not much else
  • really appreciated nicks initiative where he took over moderating and doing more preparation up front, open to collaboration, but clearer frame and direction
  • difficult to find stuff, slack? wiki? ask?
  • surprised because of lacking stress, up to each person how much to invest in the project, or go to the forest, really nice!
  • lack of frustration that usually experienced when coding alone, could ask available people and it got explained, kept motivation up
  • felt really connected and easy to get in touch with people, surprisingly fast to get things going with people, e.g. yesterday offering anyone could offer to collaborate about meeting, immediately could collaborate with julien despite only knowing him 5 minutes. and with many other people.
  • would like to keep contributing to the code, lower momentum, but have a lot of free time
  • would like to give more input into organization topic, and offering moderation and facilitation

Announcements of next events

Round of last words, group picture & goodbye