Meeting Minutes/2020-04-13 Hackweek - references session

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History At the begining, refs were not needed (similar people) and the size of the community was too small.

How do you actually trust profile? * When you see picture * When you can read more about them * When they have friends * Life outside Trustroots

References as: * Security/safety feature * A way to say “thank you” * Indication of experience * Indication of like-mindedness

No “negative” “vs positive” Removing green/red as connotation of good/bad Free text description; load on support?


  • Invitation only feature — history + data
  • +1 idea to tribe belonging
  • reference people according to meet in person
  • report ppl when you give negative ref
  • 3rd step is free-text

Invitation-only feature

  • it was not in the very beginning
  • introduced in Spring 2017 to get more quality on UX
  • Autumn 2018 feature was removed

New ideas:

  • connect feature with “add as contact” feature? tie refereces closer to contacts as a way to lower the barrier to get references, also solves problems around “this profile doesn’t have references” — highlight them that they have contacts instead.
  • show only “this person has hosted someone within 6 months” -type of indication about activity, hide “no” / “yes” answers publicly
  • it’s problematic to collect “yes”/“no” replies first privately, then publish them later on
  • giving a “matching score” about like-minded people can be misleading.
  • option to say “haven’t met them”
  • guidelines for writing free text
  • how much do you trust the person?
  • at some point have a minimum measure for new profiles to be allowed to leave references (but not in the beginning)
  • How do we not make the freetext field a popularity contest?

Action items

Team 1

who: Abel, Dario branch:

  • Change question to “did you feel comfortable hosting this person/being guest/meeting them?”
    • ask michal: How do we have to handle the translation of strings? Do the json files update automatically? - Change colors from red/green to neutral
  • Check expected behaviour and database storing
    • How is stored in db when you check more than one option of how do you know them
  • go through other UI to make sure that texts are clear what is public/what is not

Team 2

who: Nick, Edvard, Michal

  • Add guidelines how to fill freetext, what to write in it? describe more the person, not the event/place. Ideas:
    • “What would you add to this profile?”
    • [michal] first of all, what culture of references do we want to encourage?
    • [michal] how to use non-judgmental language, say I had that experience rather than this person is such and such. What else is important in non-violent communication?
  • Add public freetext
  • Remove frontend display of negative / positive refs
  • public fields in listing: hosted or not, free text, people, date
    • ensure backend API only returns public fields
  • PR for listing references, needs rebasing and reworking a bit:


  • add freetext field in the backend/database model + add freetext field to the backend API + maybe backend tests for those parts
    • TODO: feedbackPublic is optional, but should it have a minimum/maximum length (max:2000, min:none)
    • TODO: check about email notification message
    • TODO: check about push notification message
    • TODO: what format should the message be in? plaintext, or rich text with mediumeditor?
    • TODO: if with mediumeditor then we need to check the maximum is plaintext value
  • restrict which fields are viewable for other members (i.e. the “did you feel comfortable” bit (and other stuff?) should be kept private)
  • later… some more UI stuff

To distribute

  • Keep the 2 week period,
  • General question: Will references be available in the “Download your data” section?
    • Just add it there and it will. :-) -Mikael


  • Possibly private free text?
  • Encourage people to leave references
  • Activity or experience number in profile summary-area: Number of references in the last 6 months? Similar to “last seen 2 months ago” thing.