Meeting Minutes/2020-04-06

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Trustroots Meeting

  • Date: 2020-04-06 17:00 UTC+2
  • Facilitator: Nick
  • Participants: Michal, Mariano, Dario


we had a loose chat and didn't note much outside of the hackweek pad. but this is what Dario remembered:

  • we discussed how to proceed with the hackweek
    • depending on the curfew situation, Michal might have other priorities
    • 7 people signed up in the pad. Nick and Dario will talk to them and see what they are interested in
    • we might not have a proper structure before the welcome call, but coordinators of a topic can set a time for a session
    • we collected non-coding tasks in the pad and agreed it would be good to have a welcoming strategy for non-coding volunteers
    • we realized timezone problems with the hackweek. now the timeslots are very europe-centered. although mariano says it's no problem for him to get up at 5, we agreed to postpone the welcome event by a few hours (and possibly the other morning events as well?)
  • translations
    • Nick and Michal discussed some technical details regarding translations
    • would be great to have translations usable for potential volunteers before the hackweek begins
  • Nick will gather a list of all services we use and if they are open-source / privacy-respecting, and of possible alternatives
    • especially we wanna get rid of Google Analytics
  • Mariano proposed putting more effort in external communication, and thinking about the culture that does / could evolve around Trustroots (see his text in the hackweek pad)
    • Mariano will coordinate a session about that during the hackweek, figuring out potential audience and content
    • in general, we agreed to give some more insight behind the scenes of TR (like personal introductions of the team members on the blog)
    • it would also be great to have pictures and texts of the hackweek on the blog

Next meeting