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Trustroots Meeting

Date: 2020-03-30 15:30 UTC Facilitator: Mikael Abel Participants: Nick, Abel, Noah, Dario, Mariano (later)


  • how to do online hackweek!
    • Visual studio code sharing might be a good tool
    • use a audio chat: mumble? discord?
      • Give discord a try
    • having a schedule or agenda for the hackweek -> create wiki page for agenda (@Abel)
    • engagement of volunteers / newcomers
      • Setting up a welcome session for newcomers
    • set goals for the hackweek
      • filter out from hackweek pad, and send another message to new volunteers with these goals
      • have 1 or more people that can be contacted about the goals to get more info
    • shared working sessions (before hackweek, about hackweek, etc...)
      • late morning of 31st march? -> slack
  • translations (mrkvon)
    • -> there are already some transtaltions being done -> ask Michal
    • Clarify who is managing that weblate instance
    • Other technologies can be OK
    • We should find a translation monitor / coordinator
    • Note: translations can be difficult to mantain and coordinate in the long-term. It can be energy taking and that energy could go to somewhere else.
    • fresh update: Weblate just said is up and we are ready to go!
  • survey findings (Abel)
    • References is a highly demanded feature
    • other demands:
      • better comunication in tribes
      • better meeting feature
      • reply directly from email to messages
  • References
  • open-source chat? -> alternative to Slack
    • Make a list / roadmap of tools we are using -> Nick
    • Consider privacy-invaders services and closed source tools we are using
    • maybe can write an answer at
    • Slack might be a bad showcase and we can't know that some ppl might be willing to contribute but get desmotivated when they see they need to use Slack to join
    • Ask Mikael's opinion on this
    • Abel offers himself to see if we could have a hosted RocketChat by RocketChat and try it out.
  • blog updating
    • Note: survey respondants didn't find it very important. It might be because there's already not much content though
    • Would be nice to add more content on it
    • Mariano would like to help.
    • Tackle it on the hackweek. Maybe even only philosophical talks
  • shadowan feature
  • Kanban github for triaging issues
    • Use it for the hackweek. (also great to visualize progress)

Next meeting

Next Date: 2020-04-06 17:00 UTC+1 Next Facilitator: Nick