Meeting Minutes/2020-03-16

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Trustroots Meeting

  • Date: 2020-03-16 17:00 UTC+1
  • Facilitator: Nick
  • Participants: Nick, Abel, Michal, Dario, Noah


  • pick a facilitator!
  • agree meeting duration: 1h
  • check-ins
  • coronovirus and hackweek implications!
    • hackweek pad:
    • kanthaus limiting visitors this month (then re-evaluate)
    • foodsharing hackweek undecided for now, assess next week
    • trustroots hackweek is 2 weeks earlier…
    • will likely still be restrictions
    • is difficult to plan in advance
    • online vs postpone?
      • seems very low chance for in-person hackweek
      • focus should be on online-version
    • should send out a message to people to let them know …
      • postponing the physical meeting but having online one
  • survey stuff
    • Abel started to process some answers, interested to read everything and write summary/graphs, most focused on references and invitation feature …
      • most people have clear statements about what they would like to have
  • how to do online hackweek!
    • idea: maybe mumble to have more background, easy/casual chat
    • idea: smaller subgroups that have closer communication?
    • idea: coordinates workshops / working groups or “distributed” hands-on activities.
    • existing experiences for online hackweeks, must be something online already to read
    • Mikael might have some useful thoughts from experience and work
    • how long? the original 9 days? schedule? 24h?
    • what kind of infrastructure do we need in general to resemble live meetings best?
    • how to bring community or togetherness feeling to online meeting?
      • maybe get our own instance of mumble server (or similar) or borrow someone’s or a collective’s one
        • could ask to use ecotopias one as it’s only infrequently used
      • idea: use SCRUM methods? like 5-minute stand up or check-ins / check-outs?
      • can we share (and visualize) our progress, other than list of PRs?
  • other calls?
    • nick: this idea was just whether anyone wants some other calls in the next days, doesn’t even need to be about trustroots…

Next meeting

  • Next Date: 2020-03-23 17:00 UTC+1
  • Next Facilitator: Mikael (anyone feel free to take over tho!)