Meeting Minutes/2020-03-09

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Trustroots Meeting

Date: 2020-03-09 18:00 UTC+1 Facilitator: Nick Participants: Mikael, Michal, Noah, Abel, Nick, Dario (pad-only) - it’s a record!


  • pick a facilitator!
  • check-ins
  • agree meeting duration up to 7pm
  • [mrkvon] decide the new regular meeting time
    • should it be 18 or 17 CET/CEST?
    • clearly announce to everybody interested if changed
    • officially moved to 17 CES?T
  • hackweek
  • Mikael and Noah talked about references feature, notes and tiny visual changes should unblock the work.
    • from last meeting: references, how to move forward? (v2) (nick)
    • start invitation feature discontinuity blog post (mikael)
    • publish data from survey for others to read the answers reg. references [noah]
    • write down the thougts on references from the talk of [Mikael] and [Noah]
  • Mobile apps state
    • Android; works
    • iOS; can now be re-submitted, Mikael to own.
    • Plans in future?
      • why wrap trustroots in an app and not just use a browser?
      • let’s make a react native app!is a lot of work though
        • offline support
        • Mariano mentions as an app with offline support
        • Nick asked a person that might be able to help with it
    • [Nick] plans to set up a React Native app (Hello World one)
      • [Mikael] talks about layer of React Native over
  • state/direction of the code
    • getting translations to the state that translators can do their work
    • keep the react migration going
    • references implementation still waiting on the remaining incubation of vision
  • master deployment to :tada:

Next meeting

Next Date: 2020-03-23 17:00 UTC+1 Next Facilitator: Mikael (anyone feel free to take over tho!)