Meeting Minutes/2020-01-27

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Trustroots Meeting

Date: 2020-01-27 18:00 UTC+1 Facilitator: Noah Participants: Nick, Michal, Abel, Noah, Mariano


thoughts on balance between feature development vs framework? (mikael)

forwarded to next meeting

Mobile apps state

further discussion in next meeting

  • Android;
  • iOS; can now be re-submitted, Mikael to
  • Plans in future?
    • why wrap trustroots in an app and not just use a browser?
    • let's make a react native app!is a lot of work though
      • offline support
      • Mariano mentions as an app with offline support
      • Nick asked a person that might be able to help with it

final decision on hackweek date and publicity (noah)

  • 11th to 19th as final date, already booked at Kanthaus
  • could be to many if sent out to all users
  • up to 20 people can work (Nick)
  • hackweek: sign up form, slack link
  • survey for all users
  • trustroots volunteers tribe or all users (maybe hackers tribe too?)
  • send it to many, be open with 20ppl limit, ask them for contribution or what they want to learn
  • invite them to slack to chat with them to find out more
  • [Abel] email or tr message? [Noah] email!
  • form about joining and when to close it? based on general interest. 2 weeks default
  • there's a script to send messages to all users (Mikael might have more up to date info)
  • should it be html and look pretty?

status of user survey (noah)


  • Mariano wants to translate
  • did translation with
    • used a google-doc and translated manually
  • dario says a list of people interested in translation
  • translation infrastructure
  • status of translation:
    • english is in the code and needs to be pulled for translation
  • [Nick] translating blog content?
  • when should we take care of it, before the hackweek? after? is it urgent?
    • [Nick] would be cool to use the momentum
    • [Mariano] start with a simple infrastructure and see how it goes
    • [Nick] interested to email weblate about free hosted version
  • would be cool to start with the old blog-posts before the app
    • Mikael should be contacted about it
  • which languages do we want to translate it to?
    • people will be interested in translated but how much are they with keeping up content and keep translating?
    • having a set team of translators would be great

Content on Trustroots Blog / Social Media

  • [Mariano] has much interest in creating content, communication, was doing it professionally
  • [Nick] doesn't want it to be a content factory but original, authentic content
  • [Mariano] talks about his work on datacracy and data platforms and escaping them. Make it a blog post! [nick suggests]

Trustroots Plattform invitation system: pros and cons (noah and dario)

furthered to next meeting

help on the support line (noah)

furthered to next meeting

Next meeting

  • Next Date: 2020-02-10 18:00 UTC+1
  • Next Facilitator: Nick