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    |name       =Marseille
|city       = Marseille
    |country    =France
|country    = France
    |region    =Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur
|areas      =
    |nickname   =
|toplinks   =
    |group      =3508
|bwgroup    = 384
    |wikipedia  =Marseille
|csgroup    = 3508
    |wikitravel =Marseille
|wikipedia  = Marseille
    |image      =Marseille_blason.jpg
|hitchwiki  = Marseille
    |imagetext  =Blason of the City
|wikivoyage = Marseille
    |ambassadors=[[Liste_des_Volontaires_CS_en_France#En_Provence-Alpes-C.C3.B4te_d.27Azur|CS Ambassadors in the Area]]
|image      = Blason-Marseille.png
|imagetext  = Blason of the City
[[File:Marseille.jpg|thumb|700px|center|View of Marseille]]
'''Marseille''' is the second largest city in [[France]] and the largest in '''[[Provence Alpes-Côte d'Azur]]'''. CouchSearch finds more than 3327 active members in the city (2012, december, 1st).<br />
'''Marseille''' is the second largest city in [[France]] and the largest in '''[[Provence Alpes-Côte d'Azur]]'''. CouchSearch finds more than 3327 active members in the city (2012, december, 1st).<br />
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Click on the blue words to see more informations.
Click on the blue words to see more informations.
[[File:Marseille.jpg|thumb|300px|right|View of Marseille]]
Marseilles with more than 1 million inhabitants is a city impossible to miss in France. It bathes in the sun more than 280 days per year and has a magnificent panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea.
Marseilles with more than 1 million inhabitants is a city impossible to miss in France. It bathes in the sun more than 280 days per year and has a magnificent panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea.
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[http://wikitravel.org/en/Marseille Marseille on wikitravel]
[http://www.colocavenue.com Official roommate finder service for Marseille]
[http://www.colocavenue.com Official roommate finder service for Marseille]

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Blason of the City

Marseille is the second largest city in France and the largest in Provence Alpes-Côte d'Azur. CouchSearch finds more than 3327 active members in the city (2012, december, 1st).

Click on the blue words to see more informations.


View of Marseille

Marseilles with more than 1 million inhabitants is a city impossible to miss in France. It bathes in the sun more than 280 days per year and has a magnificent panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Of the many sights to be visited - the famous basilica of "Notre Dame de la Garde" which looks over the people of Marseilles and her visitors. But the “Bonne Mère” is not the only highlight spot of Marseilles....

The 'Vieux Port" (antique Port) where you can walk around and install yourself in one of the many terraces, cafés, bars or restaurants and visit the famous fish market (“my fresh fish is still moving !“).

From the oldest neighbourhood in Marseilles “Le Panier”(which translated means basket) to the Docks of the Joliette while passing by “Belle-de-Mai” and Estaque, you will discover an urban paradise swarming with sunny discoveries.

For the amateurs of idleness, cicadas, “pastaga”, “petanque” will be on your agenda as you discover the specialities of Marseilles and its people.

And, of course so many other places are to be discovered like the beaches along the coast, the creeks “les Calanques” authentic natural paradises and the beautiful parks and museums of Marseilles.

What more to say ? ...

Come to discover this city,

a truly diverse cultural and social universe …

striving since more than 2600 years ago with her arms

open towards the sea,

and the world.

Tourist information :

tourism office

Marseille's city hall

informations about the région

informations about Marseille

informations about Marseille


Prophete beach in summer

File:Point barre.JPG
Bar Le Point Barre in winter

You can reach the couchsurfers of Marseille on the CS group You could see that regular meetings and small local meet-ups take place a few times a week (drink - cinema - theatre - concert - excursion and various activities).

Every friday, from October to May, the couchsurfing people of Marseille meet at the bar called "le champ de Mars" Very easy to find : downtown, between Cours Julien and Place Jean Jaurès So come and join us : we'll wait for you with conversation, travel tips and of course, fabulous company! Renting a bike (until midnight!!): http://www.levelo-mpm.fr/


From the members of the main group of Marseilles :



here is the CS agenda of events in Marseille, all following events organised by Cs members in one click, and also links to festivals, exhibition and many cultural events.


- [http:http://www.couchsurfing.org/meetings.html?mid=174854 saturday, 15th : Xmas dinner meeting !!!]


- tuesday, 14th of august : Kitchen and BBQ party with Ali

- 15th, 16th and 17th of june : La fête du panier !!!


- 10th-11th of june : fête du Panier

- La Mer-Veilleuse - INVASION du groupe de NICE january, 21-22-23th Comments from Quentin from Nice : "Quel beau week-end! C'était super sympa!! Merci à toute l'équipe de Marseille et surtout à ceux qui ont pris le temps de nous faire visiter la ville, de nous héberger et d'organiser la soirée de vendredi et samedi!"


- FETE DU PANIER - BIG INVASION !!! june,18-19-20th Comments from Outang from Versailles : "Thank to all the Massillia crew !! J'ai adoré les calanques (jeudi&vendredi) et la fête du Panier a déchiré (je me suis bien fait plaisir sur la bouffe + les qqs scènes sympas, de la balle).Pour l'année prochaine, faudra demander au mec là haut de débrancher le ventilo quand même!"


- LUCKY MEETING (Monthly meeting of the group) november, friday 13th

- Visit/picnic in Carry le Rouet : august, 28th

EMERGENCY COUCHES plus Hostels/Hotels and Camping websites

For an emergency, post in the Emergency couch search group

If you couldn't find a couch with Couchsurfing here's a list of Hostels and Hotels.

- Bonneveine impasse du Docteur Bonfils Tel: +33 491 17 63-30

- Bois-Luzy Château de Bois Luzy - allée des Primevères Tel: +33 491 49 06 18

  • Three unofficial hostels:

- Hello Marseille Hostel 2 rue de Breteuil (downtown) Tel: +33 954 80 75 05

- London Connection Hostel 45 Rue Flegier (downtown) Tel: +33 672 80 13 52

- Vertigo Hostel

38 rue Fort Notre Dame (next to the Vieux Port) Tel: +33 491 91 07 11

42 rue des petites Maries (next to the train station) Tel: +33 491 91 07 11

This last place is to avoid, tested by some travellers passing by and using couchsurfing ...

  • And we know two nice Bed & Breakfast :

- Maison du petit canard 48, impasse Sainte-Françoise (in the district of "le Panier") Tel: +33 491 91 40 31 or +33 617 80 45 43

- Chez Marie 17 place Alexandre Labadie (downtown) Tel: +33 663 456 018

  • Then, for (regular) cheap hotels, have a look at :

http://www.hostelbookers.com hostels hostels in the world

Plus a great little hotel, with the perfect location (right above the water):

- Hôtel Le Richelieu 52 promenade Corniche John Kennedy next to the catalans beach) Tel: +33 491 31 01 92

  • Camping websites

There are no camping places in Marseilles. There are a couple nearby.

And for all the area, you can have a look at the HPA Guide for Provence.



By plane :

The International Airport of Marseille-Provence is located at 25 kms from Marseilles city center. shuttles are avalaible on a regular basis (25 min. one single trip - 8.00€/voucher) from 4:30 AM to 11:30PM every day.

A new train station opened in January 2009, it's called Vitrolles-Aéroport and it is next (and not at) the airport. There are free buses to take you to the station. The trip to Marseille-Saint Charles takes 20 minutes. It is cheaper than the bus but less regular : 4,30 euros !!

On another hand, trains (from there) go to Montpellier (in 1.30 hour) ... so no need to Marseille to carry on straight to the West of France. Check out the time tables on the SNCF web site.

Taxis costs around 40€ and it is a 20 min. trip to downtown Marseilles (without any traffic jam).

Frequent daily flights are available to Paris and other European major cities such as Madrid - London - Munich - Eindoven - Stockholm... from the MP2 terminal !

By train :

The Train Station Marseille - St Charles is at the inner center of Marseilles. To Paris by TGV (high speed train) : 3h15 / Lyon : 1h40 / Nice : 2h20 It is recommanded to buy online IDTGV or Prem's tickets (see SNCF bookings)

To go to other parts of Southern France other train network is also available :

TER (Express Regional Train) in the *PACA Region (and most of the regional LER (Express Regional Line). *Provence, the Alps, & the French riviera TER en PACA Since 14th of december 2008 a new line with the TER : Aix-en-Provence, Simiane, Gardanne, Pertuis... TER Marseille - Aix

By bus : You have some bus companies like Eurolines which can get you to Marseilles easily.

By carpooling: You can find a driver or passenger to share the ride and cut on travel cost. In France carpooling is very popular and is called "covoiturage".
Try Envoiture.fr or covoiturage.fr (there are others, you may want to try) to get to Marseille.

How to move around downtown : map of Marseille

by bus/subway/tramway : 1.50€/hour with the local transport company Régie des Transports de Marseille-RTM

by bicycle : (for rent : payment only by bank card) le velo


Free Internet/Wifi Access

Here are some places where you can get some Internet/Wifi connexion:

  • HYPER COPY - Adress: 15 rue du Théâtre Français - Tel:
  • CYBER BUG'S CAFE - Adress: 80 cours Julien - Tel:
  • CYBER CAFOUCH - Adress: 36 place Jean Jaurès - Tel: 04.91.
  • INFO CAFE - Adress: 1 quai de Rive Neuve - Tel: 04.91.
  • CYBER HORS LIMITES - Adress: 35 rue de la paix - Tel:
  • CYBER MAGIC CAFE - Adress: 20 rue du Docteur Escat - Tel:
  • CYBERCAFE DM - Adress: 12 rue Saitn Savournin - Tel:
  • CYBER CONCEPT - Adress: 16 rue Julia - Tel:
  • NETFIGHTERS - Adress: 8 rue du bosquet - Tel: 04.91.
  • CYBERQUEST - Adress: 36 cours Lieutaud - Tel:
  • Olympic Bar - Adress: 2 place de la préfecture / Métro estrangin - Tel:
  • BMVR ALCAZAR - Adress: 58 cours belsunce -

Wifi HotSpots map

You can also find internet access in Mac Donald and Starbucks

  • Mac Donald - Adress: 79 Boulevard La Blancarde 13004 Marseille
  • Mac Donald - Adress: 122 Avenue de Hambourg 13008 Marseille
  • Mac Donald - Adress: 79 La Canebière 13001 Marseille
  • Mac Donald - Adress: 13 rue Madon 13005 Marseille
  • Mac Donald - Adress: Centre Commercial Grand Littoral 13015 Marseille
  • Mac Donald - Adress: Avenue de Chardigny 13011 Marseille
  • Mac Donald - Adress: 211 213 Rue de Rome 13006 Marseille
  • Mac Donald - Adress: Rue des Electriciens 13012 Marseille
  • Mac Donald - Adress: 213 Chemin de Sainte Marthe 13014 Marseille
  • Mac Donald - Adress: 53 rue St Ferreol 13001 Marseille
  • Mac Donald - Adress: 59 rue d'Aix 13001 Marseille
  • Mac Donald - Adress: 37/39 Boulevard Teisseire 13009 Marseille
  • Mac Donald - Adress: 15 Quai des Belges 13001 Marseille
  • Starbucks Café - Adress: 17 Rue de la Republique, 13002 Marseille

Nice and Cheap Places to Eat : (UPDATE February, 1st, 2012)

  • La bouillabaisse

It's the typical dish of Marseilles : an excellent fish-based soup served with "la rouille" (a garlic-saffron sauce) and bread similar to crostini. La bouillabaisse cannot be enjoyed at any budgetary level. If you are invited to the home of someone making bouillabaisse, then you are in the clear. Never eat cheap bouillabaisse at a resto unless it's not called bouillabaisse; only eat it out if YOU HAVE TO RESERVE IN ADVANCE in the following restaurants. The members of Couchsurfing tasted them : so don't go into the restaurant near the place Cours Estienne d'Orves (except "Chez Loury" see above), they are cheap and only for tourists not for members of Couchsurfing!! Bouillabaisse is a meal...first the soup, then the fish.

- Chez Michel (in front of the "plage des Catalans") around 60 euros by person 6 Rue des Catalans Tel :


- Chez Fonfon, Vallon des Auffes : around 45 euros by person 140 Rue du Vallon des Auffes Tel :


- Restaurant Miramar 12 Quai du Port (not far away from the city Hall) Tel : website of the restaurant where it's possible to allot a table :


- Chez Loury, Vieux Port 3, rue Fortia (near the Cours Estienne d'orves) Tel : The cheapest and good one (around 35 euros)


- Restaurant Le Camors (open only for lunch on the week) : around 44 euros by person 82-84 Plage de l'Estaque Tel : From monday to Sunday (11:30AM -2:00PM), Friday and Saturday from 8:00PM to 10:00PM)

- Restaurant Le Poisson qui Marche, Chemin du Littoral quartier de l'Estaque Tel :


- Le grand bar des goudes, les goudes

Tel : 04 91 73 43 69 http://grandbardesgoudes.com/ menu at 55€ for boullabaisse including soup, desert, wine and cofee

  • to eat very good fish :

- La boite à sardine, 7 boulevard de la Libération (around 15-17 euros) Tel : Restaurant open from tuesday to friday, closed on evenings! Tested and approved by a lot of members of Couchsurfing and their guests!


  • cheap place to eat :

- O'Stop - Opened every day until 6:30AM 16 Rue Saint-Saëns : with hot or cold sandwiches french fries unclude for 3,50 euros, beer : 2,50 euros.

Nice and Cheap Places to have a drink : (UPDATE 1st of february, 2012)

  • to drink good wine:

- Le Mesopotamia 15, rue des trois mages (on la Plaine aera) : winebar with diffrents plates that change with seasons and arrivals : around 15 euros.

- Les buvards 34, Grand Rue (behind the Main CityHall on Vieux Port) : winebar opened from monday o saturday, from 10:00AM to 1:00AM


- La part des anges 33, rue Sainte : a good choice of glasses of wine and dishes around 15 euros.


  • to have a drink :

- L'équitable café, 54 cours julien, associative and alternatif bar. Minimum one euro for one year. Opened from tuesday to saturday from 3:00PM to 11:00PM (except if concerts) Closed on monday and sunday Biologic wine : 1,50 euros, artisanal beer : 2,50 euros, fruit juice between 2 and 2,50 euros. A lot of concerts, conferences, possibility to come with children...


- La Kaza Kuzka, 120 rue de Lodi, associative and alternatif bar. Minimum one euro for one year. Opened every day until midnight (except if concerts) biologic wine : 1,50 euros, artisanal beer : 2 euros, fruit juice 2 euros. A lot of concerts, conferences, possibility to come with children...


- Le Barberousse, 7 rue Glandève (near the old hearbor) with a lot of "rhum arrangés" and "shooters" house made!!


- Le champ de mars, 12 rue André Poggioli (La Plaine area)

- Le petit Nice (Place Jean Jaurès). This bar is the chepeast donwtown : beer from 2 euros, pastis 1,50 euors and great "rhum arrangés" house made !!

- L'alimentation générale, 34 Plan Fourmiguier (not far away from Vieux port) : very popular.

- Le Débouché 3, boulevard National), wine bar where you could eat for lunch and opened only on friday evenings. Good wine, charcuteries for less than 15 euros.


- Le Longchamp Palace, 22 Boulevard Longchamp. Opened from monday to thursday from 8:30AM to 10:00 PM (no dinner include), on fridays from 8/30AM to 1/00AM (breakfast and lunch) and saturdays from 9:30AM to 3:30PM (closed from september to april)

- Le Polikarpov, Cours Estienne d'Orves : vodkas bar. opened evry day from 9:00AM to 1:O0AM A big terrace and concerts, exhibitions...


- Le bar des 13 coins, 45 rue Sainte Françoise (on le Panier area) : a friendly bar with nice little terrace on summer.

- Le Teavora, 65 boulevard Longchamp : tea house with foot on sand , zen athmosphere, with a lot of teas and little cakes (3-6 euros) .

- le chichacho 2 rue Pastoret (not far away from Cours Julien) : to drink a tea and smoke hookah (water pipe) for less than 10 euros.

- Le Paulaner 8 avenue du Prado (not far away from Place Castelanne) : a very good place with a heated terrace outside and a nice romm for groups inside. Normal prices.

Nightlife :

  • to have a drink with a very opened minded spirit :

- L'Unic - Opened from monday to saturday until 5:00 AM. 11 Cours Jean Ballard

to listen music Some bars, and music bars are around La Plaine (Place Jean Jaures) and Le Cours Julien.

For example :

- Le Paradox 127, rue d'Aubagne : restaurant, bar, with very eclectic concerts : funk, hiphop, reggae, dancehall, electro rock... tel : 04 91 63 14 65


There are many places with Live Music : l'Intermédiaire, Baby's, Dan Racing, Mundo KFE, Bicok, Cubaïla cafe, Ache de Cuba...

Also quite a lot of bars and tiny clubs around Le Vieux Port (mainly on Quai de Rive Neuve side). And of course, the world famous "Trolley Bus": a club under the arcade of an old boat warehouse.

Further away from the centre, there are the restaurants and bars of L'Escale Borely (on the beach and next to the Prado). You will find a few places to dance too: Sports Beach, La Voile, L'Hippodrome (across the street). This area is a bit more upmarket and up-nose (dress smart to get in).

Also a tiny bit further south along the sea, there are the bars of La Vieille Chapelle and even further the restaurants of La Pointe Rouge ... where you can eat on the sand ! !


Free maps of the town are available in the Tourism Office


-Notre Dame de la Garde

- Vieux Port, on the City Hall side and Quai de Rive Neuve

- Panier district

- Vieille Charité

- City Hall

- Canebière

- Cathedrals

- Abbey of Saint Victor and le " Four des Navettes "

- forts St Nicolas & St Jean

- Palais du Pharo

- Palais de la Bourse

- Opéra

- Cours Belsunce and cours Saint Louis

- Rue de la République

- Palais Longchamp


- Stade Velodrome,football informations

football Stadium : Vélodrome

- Cité Radieuse (of the architect Le Corbusier)

- Docks

- Estaque

If you wish to discover nature wonders and landscapes :

- creeks - les Calanques (Attention! Access is often limited in summer. Check the current state at bouches-du-rhone.gouv.fr)

- islands near Marseilles

- beaches

- Château d'If and Frioul islands information about islands



A great number of activities are proposed such as theatre plays, operas, exhibitions in various museums, conferences, concerts, etc. Marseille will be «European Capital of Culture» in 2013, a few projects are in the making.

In the mean time, here are the "Classics":

Vieille Charite Center

City Hall of Marseilles

Web Sites about the Culture in Marseilles: - The City Hall website - Espace Culture - Newspaper Libération Agenda

find a job - Pôle Emploi - [1] - [2] - [3]

- "offres emploi marseille" on google...


Some links, just in french, sorry, we try to fix it later.

- A good website with list of the beach, transport's indications and pictures.

- the Marseille city hall website's about security on the beaches.


For the amateurs of sports, Marseilles and its surroundings offer a great variety of landscapes (sea, hills, mountains, countrysides).

Let's go to the sea !!


the bowl international skatepark


Conseil Général 13

Activités proposées par l'office du tourisme


Hiking in Provence

- BICYCLING in MARSEILLES All in French: The Bicycles available in the streets Vélos en Ville - Collectif Marseillais (Marseilles organisation for cycling) Vélo Utile (another organisation for cycling)


Official roommate finder service for Marseille


If you want to see lavenders fields :

- you can find informations in this website (in english or french)

- you can go to Valensole, good place for it with an english or french website too

- Often, it's complicated to go to see lavenders fields by public transports. About it, , the adventure of a CS from Malaysia

- So, we suggest you two solutions. Rent a car (one of the cheaper for us is it) or book some tours with Aix-en-Provence toursim office

You can see lavenders fiels from end of june to middle of july, after, it's cut.

Around Marseilles :

- provencal towns : Aix en Provence, Arles, Avignon, Toulon, Nimes, Aubagne...

- typical cities or villages : Cassis, Gémenos, le Castellet, Allauch, les Pennes Mirabau...

You may also follow the coast, by feet, (many footpaths), by car or by boat...

around Marseille

- in the countryside of Saint-Rémy de Provence and The Alpilles :

It's the traditional back-country, the land of famous writers such as Alphonse Daudet and Frederic Mistral. Near places are to visit such as the trendy Saint-Rémy de provence and les Baux de Provence, Fontvieille, Maussane, Eygalières, Tarascon, etc...

- in the countryside of Arles, Camargues and Crau : places surrounded by rivers, swamps and plains. Nature is wild there and in the area fauna is exceptional : birds watching, bulls, horses, sheeps... In the area, there is the city of Arles, classified as the world heritage of humanity by the worldwide organization UNESCO. In the city there are strong prints of traditions from Provence and from Camargues.

- in the country of Martigues and the Blue Coast (summer touristic places) : the maritime coast is very important and are fulfilled with harbours and beaches.

All tourism informations




File:Article La Provence - 19 Aout 2009.bmp
La Provence, Local Newspaper, August 19th 2009