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[[]] is an independent wiki with information for people who are actively exchanging hospitality.
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Why Couchwiki?

Welcome to Couchwiki: Your informal workspace which really anyone can edit. Couchwiki is a Travel community guide for anyone involved in hospitality exchange networks. We have a lot of experience with wikis and we think that anyone should be able to edit this wiki. We try to avoid setting rules but we will have some guidelines.

Location Guides

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Netherlands, Utrecht, Italy, Padova, Vicenza, France, Basse-Normandie, Germany, Hamburg, Berlin

North America

Canada, Toronto, United States, Las Vegas


Australia, Brisbane, New Zealand, Christchurch,


South America


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23 December 2014 Check out Trustroots, a new project we started to develop some ideas related to hitchhiking

7 July 2013 We removed anything that had to do with the unhappy wiki. Couchwiki is back up. Long live happy community wikis.

05 July 2013 Unfortunately we had to make Couchwiki partly inaccessible, to deal with an unhappy company owning a once community driven travel related wiki. (See details here)

10 March 2013 Couchwiki upgraded to latest version of MediaWiki and integrated in a bigger MediaWiki setup. Some things might not be 100% smooth yet.

8 February 2013 The new volunteer driven and open licenced Wikivoyage unter the roof of Wikimedia Foundation is alive for some time. So our former links to Wikitravel link to Wikivoyage now. The Template for country headers and the Template for City headers are changed accordingly. The old way of linking will work with the new destination as well until all the old links are cleaned up.

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