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[[]] is an independent wiki with information for people who are actively exchanging hospitality.
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*[[:Category:City_Guides City Guides]]
*[[:Category:City_Guides|City Guides]]
*[[:Category:Cheap_Eats Cheap Eats]]
*[[:Category:Cheap_Eats|Cheap Eats]]
*[[:Category:Activity_Guides Activity Guides]]
*[[:Category:Activity_Guides|Activity Guides]]
*[[:Category:Social_Movements Social Movements]]
*[[:Category:Social_Movements|Social Movements]]
*[[:Category:100_Things 100 Things to do in every city]]
*[[:Category:100_Things|100 Things to do in every city]]

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Welcome to Wikicouch: Your informal workspace which really anyone can edit. WikiCouch is a Travel community guide for anyone involved in hospitality exchange networks. We have a lot of experience with wikis and we think that anyone should be able to edit this wiki. We try to avoid setting rules but we will have some guidelines.