[[]] is an independent wiki with information for people who are actively exchanging hospitality.
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Welcome to Madrid... and for sure to the MADRID WIKI!

In this Wiki you will find useful and common information that everybody is asking when they come to our city. Take your time exploring this Wiki, and if you don´t find (or you don´t understand) information about what are you looking for, feel free to ask us in theMADRID Group.

The Wiki is divided in 11 sections, each of them are in an individual page to make it easier to read and to find anything you need.

We hope to make this Wiki better and complete it with much more information...

Hey, Ho, Let´s GO!! :)

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Country: Spain
Region: Europe
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More Information:
CS Group Wikipedia

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Ambassador List


CS Madrid


What to visit


Where to...

Around Madrid: one-day excursions

In case of an emergency



Living in Madrid



Collaboration and Help