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This network stems from our strong convinction that Italy can offer much to those who want to discover places and travel along routes other than those classics and best known. There are countless cities, more or less large and known abroad, and many regions, equally beautiful, which are worth a journey. This network also stems from our desire to offer the opportunity and tools to those who are willing to leave the traditional circuits and routes classics to discover an Italy different. It 's obvious that the visit of the few great cities of art requires relatively long stays and the research of the relatives few hosts in such a limited area is rather simple. But a trip travelling through plenaty of smaller city and town and in an area more extended, requires a search for hospitality not always easy, especially for those who do not know the places and the reality of CS local groups. This network, then, also aims to simplify this research and give maximum help and the necessary information to let anyone appreciate what these regions can offer, moving smoothly from one city to another. Our hope is that this network is also a way of sharing new experiences and to strengthen the friendship that already bind many of us, and also to create new ones, establishing relationships with people and countries more or less distant. For this reason we created this group of CSer and cities, from Forli to Bari, through Rimini, Pesaro, Ancona, Ascoli Piceno and Pescara and more. This wiki page is the reference point of the Italian Adriatic Surfing Network, because it contains a description of the idea, the purpose, the geographical articulation, all participants and useful info.

The network's Couchsurfing group is divided into a space devoted to general disclosure of meetings and other events affecting subscribers to the network. Then, there’s a subgroup dedicated to the Host, to discuss the project, issues and further proposals, for the presentation of new subscribers. There is also a subgroup dedicated to the guest, where they can organize their trip, ask specific suggestions, information on hosts, on places to visit, on transport.

Members participating the network

The italian Adriatic Surfing Network currently includes 15 cities and towns. Below are listed in order, from north to south, indicating the distance of each compared to Padova.

Map of the Italian Adriatic Surfing Network

Padova (0km) - (Wikipedia)

Bologna (110 Km) - (Wikipedia)

Forlì (180 Km) - (Wikipedia)

Bertinoro (FC) (195 Km) - (Wikipedia)

Cesena (210 Km) - (Wikipedia)

Sant’arcangelo di Romagna (RN) (225 Km) - (Wikipedia)

San Marino - (235km)(Wikipedia)

Pesaro (270 Km) - (Wikipedia)

Fano (PU) (280 Km) - (Wikipedia)

Ancona (345 Km) - (Wikipedia)

Porto Sant’elpidio (AP) (375 Km) - (Wikipedia)

Grottammare (AP) (405 Km) - (Wikipedia)

Ascoli Piceno (450 Km) - (Wikipedia)

Pescara (495 Km) - (Wikipedia)

Foggia (650 Km) - (Wikipedia)

Bari (780 Km) - (Wikipedia)

Italian Regions participating the network

The Italian Adriatic Surfing Network currently includes 5 regions. Below they are listed in order, from north to south. Click on the link to discover the wiki regional pages.

Network extension proposal

There is a proposal to extend the network to Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia which are two regions standing on the Adriatic sea. Padova, Venice and Trieste would be the main cities.

How to get in the network

There are several ways for traveller to get in the network and began to visit the area and meet the local CS. There are:

  • airports in Bologna, Forli, Ancona, Pescara, Bari;
  • ferry in Ancona, Pescara and Bari, connected with Croatia and Greece;
  • train and buses from main city like Milan and Rome to Ascoli Piceno, Ancona, Pescara.