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==== BeWelcome ====
==== BeWelcome ====
The [[https://www.bewelcome.org/groups/275 BeWelcome community]] is still small but starts to get active with meetings and alike right now.
The [https://www.bewelcome.org/groups/275 BeWelcome community] is still small but starts to get active with meetings and alike right now.

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Coat of arms of Hannover

General Information

Hanover (German: Hannover) is the capital of the German region Lower Saxony.

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Hospitality Exchange

Hosting during fairs

There are a lot of fairs in Hanover and during bigger fairs all hostel and hotel beds are very expensive (Ø 200€/night). And you need to book a few month in advance to get one of those. This is the reason why the Hannover hosts get tons of requests, most of them from almost empty profiles.

Please follow this advises:

  • Try to write more than two weeks before the fair.
  • Write very personal requests.
  • If you are new to hospitality exchange, take extra care to fill your profile with enough information and explain why you are joining in this moment
  • If you come with friends, make sure that they have their own profile.
  • Bring some time for your host and the social amenities of hospitality exchange and tell this in your request.
  • Don't write only to experienced or centrally located hosts.
  • Don't request a place to stay in the local Hannover groups (unless they're especially made for requests/emergencies), your post will be deleted very fast, ignored or answered harsh.

Special networks

CS Community Hannover

The Hannover CS Community organize lots of local events. All events are discussed in the Hannover Group.

Regular events:

  • every 8th of the month
  • every last Saturday of the month


The BeWelcome community is still small but starts to get active with meetings and alike right now.