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Due to the CoViD-situation, we're having our Trustroots spring hackweek online-only.

When: 11.04.-19.04.2020.

For now, we're using our hackweek pad for planning. Please check-in there if you want to participate!


UTC+2 Saturday 11th April Sunday 12th April Monday 13th April Tuesday 14th April Wednesday 15th April Thursday 16th April Friday 17th April Saturday 18th April Sunday 19th April
09:30–10:00 Check-in. Day presentation
10:00 #Support introduction
11:00 References coding (mumble) #Translating #Organization
12:00 #Migration to React #References discussion
13:00 #Welcome session #Content
14:00 #Set up dev environment and enjoying the sun
16:00 Mobile app
17:00 #Code walkthrough
18:00 Closing session
18:30–19:00 Check-out
19:00 #Code walkthrough Free hacking


Welcome session

Participants: Abel, Dario, Edvard, Ludovica, Marco, Mariano, Michal, Mikael, Nick

Setting up dev environment

everyone interested in getting started with development installs it on their own

Code walkthrough

Coordinator: Nick

  • Client / React
  • Testing / Jest
  • Server / Node

Migration to React

Edvard, Dario, Nick

React Migration Cheatsheet

References discussion

Jitsi Meet, Pad

Coordinator: Mikael

  • Vision about References feature and current state of development
  • also trust metrics, invitation only feature and other related things

Support introduction

Coordinator: Dario

Answering messages from the community – introduction to the support tools and common issues people have

Translating Trustroots to other languages

Coordinator: Marco

Getting started with our new translation tool Weblate

Joining Roots (Content)

Coordinator: Mariano

In this call I would like to get to know everybody in our community that is interested in helping fostering Content creation. We will be then getting to know s little bit more of each other on a first moment and then when we are more familiarised with each we will start making the outlines of our project.

I have some ideas of what is it that we could work with and I'll leave them here for you to read.

but hey! Those are not in any way necessary to be answered in order to participate of the call. You may join without contributing to it, tho I'm really looking forward to that! The idea is just to give you a script, so that you can prepare yourself, for what I have in mind to it.

I came up with the following:

  • An introduction

Who are you? What do you do for living? How have you heard of Trustroots? for how long have you been involved? Would you like to participate on this project creating some kind of content, if so what would it be ?

  • Roots of Trust Highlight Stories

Have you ever met in person anyone of the Trustroots community? What's the story behind it? Have that person received you in their house? What was something funny that happened?

  • The Roots that stood the Pandemia

How are you holding up on this new scenario that our world is facing? How is life now where you live? What has been the toughest for you?

  • I have a dream that in Trustroots there will be ________ .

Organization Structures

Coordinator: Nick

Stuff about creating and maintaining sustainable open source community projects.

Some concepts:

  • co-operatives / open co-ops
  • gift economies

I found a lot of interesting stuff through reading https://disco.coop/manifesto/.

And you can read what is kind of like my personal manifesto on my liberapay page --> https://liberapay.com/nicksellen/



(Sessions marked in green will happen in Jitsi, the rest probably in Mumble)

Shared music streaming


Feedback for future hackweeks

  • We could make it clearer, which sessions are not coding-related or at least non-coders are welcome to contribute. Maybe a "Non-coding" badge for each session. This time, we unfortunately scared off someone from a discussion session because that wasn't clear.