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* [https://stream.abovethebeat.com/trustroots Stream] (open in browser or media player)
* [https://stream.abovethebeat.com/trustroots Stream] (open in browser or media player)
* [https://stream.abovethebeat.com/trustroots/ui/ see/edit playlist]
* [https://stream.abovethebeat.com/trustroots/ui/ see/edit playlist]
* add music (e.g. with filezilla) to sftp://trustroots:97HeN0iLXWa2@maya.nicksellen.co.uk
* add music (e.g. with filezilla) to sftp://trustroots:97HeN0iLXWa2@stream.abovethebeat.com

Revision as of 01:04, 12 April 2020

Due to the CoViD-situation, we're having our Trustroots spring hackweek online-only.

When: 11.04.-19.04.2020.

For now, we're using our hackweek pad for planning. Please check-in there if you want to participate!


UTC+2 Saturday 11th April Sunday 12th April Monday 13th April Tuesday 14th April Wednesday 15th April Thursday 16th April Friday 17th April Saturday 18th April Sunday 19th April
09:30–10:00 Check-in. Day presentation
10:00 #Support introduction
12:00 #References discussion
13:00 #Welcome session
14:00 #Set up dev environment and enjoying the sun
18:00–18:30 Check-out
19:00 #Code walkthrough Free hacking


Welcome session

Participants: Mikael, Nick, Edvard, Marco, Abel, Dario, Michal, Ludovica

Setting up dev environment

everyone interested in getting started with development installs it on their own

Code walkthrough

Coordinator: Nick

References discussion

Coordinator: Mikael

Vision about References feature and current state of development

Support introduction

Coordinator: Dario

Answering messages from the community – introduction to the support tools and common issues people have


Getting started with the translation tool (Weblate)

Edit here or say on Slack if you want this to happen

Sharing the story of Trustroots

Coordinator: Mariano

  • more external communication and transparency
  • develop the culture that evolves around Trustroots



Shared music streaming