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A page to help you to learn (modern) Greek language. Please keep this page filled with free stuff only to keep equal access for everyone.

Websites to learn Greek

Following, some free websites recomended :

Learning greek in Greece

The CS "Learning greek in Athens" group organise randomly meetings to learn and practice greek.

There are also several free lessons in Athens and in other big cities, please add informations about these places. Notice that is usualy meant for immigrants.


  • At the media shcool (EMME, Καλαμιώτου 2), every monday from 7pm to 9pm(two levels)
  • At the occupied open market of Kipseli (ΝΕΓΡΗ Φ. 42), from Monday to Friday, at 7:30pm. Contact for more infos.
  • At Tsamadou 13(in Exarhia), from Monday to Friday from 6pm to 8pm
  • Nosotros (Steki in Exarhia, Themistokleous 66) gives free lessons
  • Add what you know here...

Map of free Greek lessons in Athens

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