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Greasemonkey is an extension for the Firefox browser that makes it easy to run pieces of JavaScript code.


  • Combine existing extensions into one mega extension
    • Turn it into a FF extension of its own
  • Quote box with link to original post and/or original author profile with absolute/relative date
  • Also listed was my attempts at copying other forums quoting style. It visually separates the quotes as well as providing a link back to the original post. In intense arguments this would help bystanders understand the arguments as well as making sure that no-one gets misquoted, whether accidentally or maliciously.
  • Quick reply box
    • self-explanatory.
  • Signature for each post
    • Allows to have html in it. Maybe links for pictures and images.
  • Count the number of posters and authors in a thread when in page similar to google search results. Show like reference statistic at top of thread. This will help when referencing external threads to people know it's valuable.
  • Spoiler/Summary Tag
    • Some sort of replacement for the spoiler/summary tag would be good as well. That is a way for someone to add lots of detail without overloading or boring people. I note some profiles have inline frames. Perhaps this could be an option? In the thread mentioned above I made a start of exploring what is possible with the allowed style attribute.
  • Use alt/title attribute for glossary/more information
    • Also please add an option to add title or alt attributes to selected words automatically or on a button click so a text would pop-up with an explanation when you roll the mouse over it. As Margaret pointed out we can get quite technical at times and this would help newbie's decipher our text. An example here where I explain the term IANAL - I am not a lawyer.
  • For new members alter the contact us page to have a search box which upon text being enter dynamically changes the page to get search results.
    • If this is installed on a host computer then for any surfers there it will automatically be entered.
    • Example: has a drop down box which dynamically changes according to the text.
  • please add more


Example Open Source Greasemonkey Forum Scripts

Threads on CS groups

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