Gamla Stan

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(Last update May 2018)

Gamla Stan (Old Town) is one of the most visited and most beautiful islands in Stockholm. Wake up earlier in the morning and explore the area before the rush hours when it gets very crowded, especially in the summer time.

  • Aifur Krog&Bar is a restaurant/bar named after the legendary Viking ship Aifur. Listening to hurdy-gurdy, eating from handmade plates, using handmade cutlery, drinking from handmade cups and sitting and handmade benches you can feel like a real Viking. Coming into the restaurant you’re introduced to guests that are already sitting in the dining room. Try different flavors of mead and beer, eat that what Vikings used to eat – Reindeer sausage, elk sausage, flat-smoked pork, reindeer heart, lamb steak, cheddar cheese. Does it sound yummy already? It is indeed.
  • Cannonball in the corner of Skomakargatan – according to the legend the cannon ball was fired at the Danish kind Christian Tyrant, back to the Stockholm Bloodbath in 1520.
  • Free Old Town Tour - discover the old city and it's history with a free guide.
  • Handfaste - the Viking Shop, one of the best souvenirs shops in Stockholm as you can get really unique stuff in a very good price.
  • Järnpojke – in the small courtyard at Slottsbacken behind the Finnish Church (Finska Kyrkan) lives ‘Iron Boy’ called by some ‘Little Boy who looks at the Moon’. During the winter time local people bring him scarfs and hats to not let him get sick. If you leave him a coin he’ll bring you luck. Järnpojke is the smallest monument in Sweden.
  • Kungliga slottet (eng. The Royal Palace with The State Regalia and Riddarholmen Church) - 160 SEK full price.
  • Medeltidsmuseet (eng. Museum of Medieval Stockholm - free admission
  • Mårten Trotzigs Gränd – the narrowest alley in Stockholm leading from Västerlånggatan and Järntorget up to Tyska Stallplan and Prästgatan. In the narrowest place it has only 90cm.
  • Nobel museum - free admission September–maj: fredagar 17.00–20.00; closed on Mondays, 120 SEK full price
  • Postmuseum - 80 SEK/Adult, closed on Mondays
  • Riddarhuset (House of Nobility) - open monday-friday 11.00-12.00, 60 SEK full price
  • Riksdagshuset(The Parliament House) - check out the possible entrance in the calendar
  • Science-Fiction Bokhandeln – Great inside decoration, big collection of books (also in English), movies, board-games and gadgets.
  • Upplands runinskrifter 53 – this runestone is built into a wall in the intersection between the thoroughfares Prästgatan and Kåkbrinken.