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Country: France
Region: Nord-Pas-de-Calais
Blason of the City
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Dunkerque is a city in France. Known as Dunkirk in english and Duinkerke in dutch, is a harbour city in the northernmost part of France, one of the main cities of the region Nord-Pas-de-Calais, 10 kilometres from the Belgian border. Population of the city at the 1999 census was 70,850 inhabitants (71,300 inhabitants as of February 2004 estimates). Population of the whole metropolitan area was 265,974 inhabitants at the 1999 census.
'Its name is derived from West Flemish "dun(e)" and "kerke" (church). Until the middle of the 20th century the city was situated in the Dutch language area; today the local Dutch dialect still can be found but has been largely replaced by French.
The CS Community of Dunkerque and the area represents about 70 couchsurfers (octobre 2008). This page will tell you some tips and some information to make your journey in Dunkerque more than pleasant !


The Beginning

Dunkerque (Dunkirk) was first mentioned in 1067 as Dunkerk (Dutch language: “Church of the Dune” or Dune Church). The area was much disputed between Spain, England, the Netherlands and France. In the Eighty Years' War the port was the base of the infamous Dunkirkers private shipowners (reders in Dutch) operated whole privateer fleets to intercept merchants from countries hostile to the Spanish Habsburgs. The Dunkirkers briefly lost their home port, as the city was conquered by the French in 1646 but recaptured by the Habsburgs in 1652.
In 1657, as a result of war between Oliver Cromwell's Commonwealth of England and the Kingdom of Spain, it was captured by English forces, and was awarded to England in the peace the following year. It became definitively French when Charles II of England sold it to France for £320,000. During the reign of Louis XIV of France, a large number of commerce raiders had again their base at Dunkirk; Jean Bart was the most famous, known for attacking Dutch ships. The Man in the Iron Mask was also arrested in Dunkirk.

Dunkerque in World War II

In May 1940 during the battle of France, the British Expeditionary Force in France aiding the French, were cut off from the rest of the French Army by the German advance. Encircled by the Germans they retreated to the area around the port of Dunkirk. The German land forces could have easily destroyed the British expeditionary force, especially when many of the British troops, in their haste to withdraw, had left behind their heavy equipment. For some unexplained and still unknown reason, Adolf Hitler ordered the German army to stop the attack, favouring bombardment by the Luftwaffe. Some say it was because Hitler was still hopeful of establishing diplomatic peace with Britain before 1940 so the Germans could have a potential allied force against the Russians, while others contest that the unfavourable terrain (which was not suited to armoured vehicles) and a strategic German desire to retain strength for future operations was the real explanation. This lull in the action gave the British a few days to evacuate by sea. Winston Churchill ordered any ship or boat available, large or small, to pick up the stranded soldiers, and 338,226 men (including 120,000 French soldiers) were evacuated - the miracle of Dunkirk, as Churchill called it. It took over 900 vessels to evacuate the Allied forces. More than 40,000 vehicles as well as massive amounts of other military equipment and supplies were left behind; their value being less than that of trained fighting men. The British evacuation of Dunkirk through the English Channel was codenamed Operation Dynamo.

The city was again contested in 1944, and the Second Canadian Division attempted to liberate the city in September, as Allied forces surged northeast after their victory in the Battle of Normandy. German forces refused to relinquish their control of the city, which had been converted into a fortress, and the garrison there was "masked" by Allied troops, notably 1st Czechoslovak Armoured Brigade. The fortress under command of German Admiral Friedrich Frisius eventually unconditionally surrendered to the commander of the Czechoslovak forces, Brigade General Alois Liška, on May 9 1945.

During the German occupation, Dunkirk was largely destroyed by allied bombings; the artillery siege of Dunkirk was directed on the final day of the war by pilots from No. 652 Squadron RAF, and No. 665 Squadron RCAF.

Postwar Dunkerque

On 14 December 2002, the Norway|Norwegian ship auto carrier MV Tricolor collided with the Bahamas registered Kariba and sank off Dunkirk harbour, causing a hazard to navigation in the English Channel.

More information about the History of Dunkerque on the wikipedia:Dunkerque !


File:39 Dunkerque.jpg
The City Hall
File:Dunkerque Leughenaer1.jpg
The Leughenaer Tower
The Duchesse Anne's Boot
File:Dunkerque st eloi2.jpg
Saint-Eloi Church
The Belffry

More information about the places to visit in Dunkerque on the wikivoyage:Dunkerque ! Or check the Official Website of the Office of Tourism !


Free Internet/Wifi Access

Here are the different place where you can find some free internet/wifi access:

  • ADUGES - Maison de quartier du Carré de la Vieille - Adress: Rue du 11 novembre - Tel: 0328253930
  • ADUGES - Maison de quartier de la Basse Ville - Adress: 49 Rue de la Paix - Tel:
  • ADUGES - Maison de quartier du Jeu de Mail - Adress: Rue du Jeu de Mail - Tel: 0328252150
  • ADUGES - Maison de quartier des Glacis - Adress: Rue de L'Adroit - Tel: 0328633715
  • ADUGES - Maison de Quartier de Rosendaël Centre - Adress: Square Paul Doumer - Tel: 0328254545
  • ADUGES - Maison de quartier de la Tente Verte - Adress: 61 Rue de Verdun - Tel: 0328201112
  • ADUGES - Maison de quartier du Méridien - Adress: Rue de Cambrai - Tel: 0328699040
  • ADUGES - Maison de quartier du Banc Vert - Adress: Rue de la Ferme - Tel:
  • ADUGES - Maison de quartier du Pont Loby - Adress: 1602 rue du Banc Vert - Tel: 0328240571
  • ADUGES - Maison de quartier de Pasteur - Adress: RUE DE L EGALITE - Tel: 0328243197
  • NTECH Pôle - Adress: 21 rue des Chaudronniers - Tel: 0328666617

Nice and Cheap Foods

Here are some suggestion of restaurant not so expensive:


Here are some nice places to go during the evening / night:

  • Bommel Bar - 55, Rue de l'Amiral Ronarc'h - 59140 Dunkerque - Tel: 0328210778

Le Bottleneck Pub - Concerts / Bar du mardi au samedi 18h-02h. 3 rue Thiers, 59140 Dunkerque

L'Espadrille, lundi-dimanche, 9h-2h, 31, Digue de Mer, 59240 Dunkerque Tel : 03 28 51 21 61

Le Zatapasta, Restaurant, bar d'ambiance. Mardi - Dimanche : 12:00 à 02:00, 27, Rue du Kursaal, 59140 Dunkerque Tel : 03 28 63 63 21


There are about 70 couchsurfers who live in Dunkerque and the area. There is also a CS Group in Dunkerque, Click here to join it !


The Couch Surfers at the Carnaval of Dunkerque

There are sometimes some meetings in Dunkerque, on the beach, on the Harbour, in the dune or even for the Annual and Famous Carnaval ! Check the CS Group of Dunkerque to be kept udpated about what happen here !

Here are some pictures of some former meetings in Dunkerque:

  • Carnaval of Dunkerque 2008 - Febrary 1st to 3rd 2008
  • CS Week end of the Discovery of The Opale Coast - April 30th to May 4th 2008
    • Photos taken by Sage Po and Bob

Coffee or a Drink

Here is a list of CSers who live in Dunkerque and would be able to show you the city and/or free to take a coffee or a drink:

Caroline, Anne, Jimmy, Benoit, Vivian


File:270px-Gare de Dunkerque2.jpg
The Trainstation of Dunkerque

How to get to Dunkerque ?

By Plane

Here are the list of the nearest airports:

  • Lille Lesquin: then take the train from Lille to Dunkerque
  • Charleroi: then take the bus to Lille and then the train to Dunkerque
  • Brussels-Zaventem: then take the train to Lille and then to Dunkerque

By Car

  • From Brussels: Motorway A10 to Lille then A25 to Dunkerque
  • From Lille: Motorway A25 (during 75km)
  • From Paris: Motorway A1 until Lille and then A25

By Carpooling

You can find a driver or passenger to share the ride and cut on travel cost. In France carpooling is very popular and is called "covoiturage".
Try Envoiture.fr to get to Dunkerque.

By Train

  • From London: Take the Eurostar until Lille, and then then train to Dunkerque
  • From Brussels: Take the train to Lille and then to Dunkerque
  • From Paris: you have a direct fast train (TGV, society SNCF) which will make reach you Dunkerque in 1h30 !


There is a good bus' network in Dunkerque and around. You can check the Official Website of the company which share the bus in Dunkerque to have the timetable and the rates.



  • Police Station: Tel: 0328238282 or 17
  • Health Urgency:

SAMU: 15 or SMUR Dunkerque Tel: 0328295959

  • Hospital: Tel : 0328295900
  • Fireman Station: Tel: 0328519160 or 18
  • Embassy:

Consulat of Brazil
5/7, rue Sainte-Barbe - 59140 Dunkerque
Tél :
Consulat od Denmark
1/7, Place de la République - 59385 Dunkerque
Tél : - Fax :
Vice-Consulat of Spain
11, Quai de la Citadelle - 59140 Dunkerque
Tél : 03.28-66-74-00
Consulat - Greece
1, rue l'Hermitte - 59140 Dunkerque
Tél : - Fax :
Consulat of Great Britain
c/o Dewulf Cailleret et Fils 11 rue des Arbres B.P. 1502 - 59375 Dunkerque
Tél :
Consulat of Sweden
10 bis quai de la Citadelle B.P 1033 - 59375 Dunkerque
Tél : - Fax :

  • Emergency Doctor: Contact the Police Station


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CS Group of Dunkerque
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