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Cyprus is a country in Europe.

CS info


In the South costs are higher than most of Europe except for when taxes are lower like for alcohol & cigarettes. Southern Cyprus like many places has become 2 cultures on top of each other native and immigrant i.e. a village square has a store and opposite a Bulgarian/Romanian/Philipina place with cheaper stuff. The North is usually about half price for many things, but alcohol is a little more expensive.


Ferries to Cyprus

From Turkey there are ferries Between Taşucu (Mersin Province) to Kyrenia ("Girne"), Alanya and Antalya. The night (slow) ferry From Taşucu is 72 Lyra, including port taxes. In summer fast ferries run everyday, but in the winter there are 2 slow ferries weekly (60TL or 100TL return) There are also ferries Between Mersin City in Turkey and Famagusta "Gazimagusta" in the East of the North side. But, apparently booking a plane ticket from any major city in the South to the Airport in North Cyprus is cheaper. It only requires some pre-planning.

From the South side there are no ferries 2012-13, an agent comments

There is a 2012 discussion about Israel ferries. Salamis Lines sometimes have cruises 2013 Schedule provides info on most ferries in the Mediterranean.


Border Issues

The EU doesn't recognise the Turkish right to put a border, so if you have a passport/visa valid for the EU you can cross it 10 times a day. It makes no difference if you entered from Turkey and have a stamp. (Note all native born Northern Cypriots can enter the south, but most Turkish immigrants and other guest workers from the north cannot, because they don't have EU visas)


Can I take a hire car to the north ? Yes in 2013 it was easy, but your agency probably charges an extra €25 insurance fee which is valid for 1 month.

Can I fly into the south & leave by ferry or flight from the north ? Yes problem if you have valid documents .. and vice a versa

In the North

buses are a little expensive, but frequent and fast, and hitching is quite easy.

In the South

you can move around a single region for one or two euro. Hitch-hiking is easy and useful for foreigners trying to reach areas which are not convenient by bus e.g. Aphrodite's Rock from Limassol & other archaelogical sites. see



- Free camping is legal ! with the land owners permission. It seems OK on beaches and forests.
Due to costs being high & budget places not being listen in guidebooks or internet we maintain a list of TIPS_budget_places_to_stay_in_Cyprus


Lonely Planet thorn Tree Forum is good for latest updates
- Wikivoyage for Southern Cyprus maybe a litle confusing to understand
- Wikivoyage for Northern Cyprus