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For a long time CouchSurfing was known for its absence of censorship. This is now changing. In recent months there has been an very noticeable drive to censor the community. A big chunk of its growth in 2006 and 2007 on couchsurfing was due to people creating a CS profile because of Hospitality Club censorship. It seems the couchsurfing is going along the same path.

Group deletions

Late December 2012 group 59753 was deleted, which was titled "Leaving CS for bewelcome". Until then similar groups were not deleted.

Deletions of posts on places

Posting some type of information on place pages is considered spam. It's removed. please edit this

Membership revoked

There have been minor cases throughout the years but since the for profit "conversion" in 2011 these have increased, going as far as deletion without notice of 2 ambassadors in early 2013. Two very active members of communities in Berlin and Chicago were removed from the site. Both members had been quite vocal about the migration from city groups to "places" in which all threads had been deleted (which could be classified as censorship, especially given that there's no way to easy way retrieve old posts) and the consequences for safety. Also some normal members (not ambassadors) have been removed, there's another case in Berlin, and one in the South of France.

CSHQ has claimed these members have all been deleted for valid reasons but refuses to make any statements about what specifically these people have done.

Here's an incomplete list.

  • D.S. from Berlin
  • JVH from Chicago
  • please add more if you know of someone being deleted


Posting on the FB wall of CS was disabled on March 12th 2013.


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