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CS newsletter for the Netherlands

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Old newsletters:

CS Newsletter for the Netherlands 2010.1

CS Newsletter for the Netherlands 2010.2

Draft 3nd newsletter


CouchSurfers meeting up

Grote zomermeetings in Europa

Jasper: een oproep in de Europagroep geplaatst

overzicht van regular meetings

nagevraagd in de CS NL groep, vooralsnog gaan we uit van deze lijst

aankondiging van de wadloopmeeting?

Amelia gaat een stukje schrijven

aankondiging van een van de meetings opgezet door FAIRPLAY

Jasper: Fairplay een bericht gestuurd

Castlefest - Festival of Light

6, 7, 8, August, Lisse, The Netherlands

People from all over the world come to visit this, I would call it... Medieval, hippy, folk, family, fantasy festival.

International world, pagan, celtic & folk music, encampment of medieval Re-enactors, a medieval & fantasy market. Art, theatre, visitors dressed up in most beautiful clothing. All sort of things to do: Balfolk, Sword fighting, painting, poi. Food is all Biological!!

It's a festival of enjoyment, relax & amazement. And I love it...would be awesome to have a CouchSurf meeting here!

Place to be: Every year there is a Wickerman burning on Saturday. A hugh wooden construction, filled with the wishes, dreams and gifts from all visitors. You can put your own dreams as an offer inside. The perfect spot to meet!

I’m working as a volunteer (coordinator backstage) on this festival ever since the beginning and I love to show you people around. The most fun part is to explore the festival your self, so I suggest we meet Friday, Saturday and Sunday 14:00 hours for a drink in front of the Wickerbeast, and share our adventures of couchsurfing! After a drink, I can take the people who are interested for a short backstage tour.

Relax & hope to see you there! Chantel

More info:

aankondiging van Arnhem summer meeting?

Jasper: Maikel een bericht gestuurd

aankondiging voor bootfeest in Leiden

Tommy vraagt anderen een stuk te schrijven

een verslag Midsummernight in the Park, Utrecht

een verslag van de treinreis

News from CS Netherlands

Nomadic adventures

Do you have a nice travelstory? Tell us!

Verhaal Chiel?

Jasper heeft Chiel gevraagd

Verhaal Ruud?

Jasper heeft Ruud gevraagd

travelstory by Gido

met een link naar zijn blog

Interview with ?

1. How did you find out about CouchSurfing?

2. How did you participate in CS until now?

3. How do you combine traveling with your professional life?

4. What is the most special experience you ever had through CouchSurfing?

5. What is the most special place you ever visited?

6. What is your favorite means of travel?

7. What should every traveler bring in his/her suitcase?

8. what would your advise be to other (new) travelers?

Exotic couches

Do you have a nice hosting story? Tell us!


Who can beat 8 people?

Interview with Urbian Fritz-James?

1 How did you find out about CouchSurfing?

In 2005 I went to Krakow. I wanted to meet local people in Krakow so i start to google "meet local people". First I ran into to the site virtual tourist and than this guy said to me to go to and contact this lady in Krakow. So i decided to contact her. ( I really dont know her name and she is not on cs anymore) Well I contacted her but finally we didnt meet because she was busy. But I liked the idea of hosting people, so when I came back to Holland i immediately started hosting people and now I have been a member since 2005.

2 What makes your couch special?

Well lets start with me and my girlfriend. People make the difference and being our guest, we really want to make people feel like they are at home. You can drink and eat whatever we have in our home (except for the champagne). Further we have a separate bedroom with AAA quality mattresses, so a goodnight rest is guaranteed. And on top of everything we have a jacuzzi on our rooftop. Furthermore we live on a island just in the middle of Rotterdam which make it just perfect for your stay in Rotterdam.

We don't accept everyone. We have a preference for ladies and couples. I also have assignments written down in my profile so I know for sure that people have written my profile carefully instead of hitting the ctrl+c and ctrl+v button.

3 Tell about a special person you hosted?

Well we hosted a lot of special persons since 2005. But Leila Messaoudi was one of the most special persons we hosted. The first time she came to my place she planned to stay for 3 days but it ended up for 2 weeks. Spending christmas together. We also went to a cs meeting in Paris were we had a lovely time. Leila became my little sister and i adopted her. She visited our place again for 4 times.

4 What place near your couch would you recommend everybody to visit?

Go to Kinderdijk (windmills) to get some of that nostalgic feeling of Holland

5 What do you like to see in a good CouchSurf request?

I would like to see some humor in it and please amaze me with something original and wicked. And when you write me a request you should at least have the words "qwerty", "smoke" and "jacuzzi" in your request. That is because of the assignments I have in my profile.

6 Which sort of guests do you prefer?

We prefer couples and ladies. For the rest you will have to be able to speak english and dont be shy.

7 Which host should we interview in the next newsletter?

Pieter Ter berg

verhaal over CouchSurfers uit Bangladesh

Idee van Linda

CS house

CouchSurfing house #2 – Casa Robino in Amsterdam Jasper heeft Robin gevraagd