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CS newsletter for the Netherlands

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Old newsletters:

CS Newsletter for the Netherlands 2010.1

CS Newsletter for the Netherlands 2010.2

Draft 3nd newsletter


CouchSurfers meeting up

Grote zomermeetings in Europa

overzicht van regular meetings

aankondiging van een leuke meeting

aankondiging van een andere nieuwe meeting

een verslag Midsummernight in the Park, Utrecht

een verslag van de treinreis

News from CS Netherlands

Nomadic adventures

Do you have a nice travelstory? Tell us!

Verhaal Chiel?

Jasper heeft Chiel gevraagd

Verhaal Ruud?

Jasper heeft Ruud gevraagd

travelstory by Gido

met een link naar zijn blog

Interview with ?

1. How did you find out about CouchSurfing?

2. How did you participate in CS until now?

3. How do you combine traveling with your professional life?

4. What is the most special experience you ever had through CouchSurfing?

5. What is the most special place you ever visited?

6. What is your favorite means of travel?

7. What should every traveler bring in his/her suitcase?

8. what would your advise be to other (new) travelers?

Exotic couches

Do you have a nice hosting story? Tell us!


Who can beat 8 people?

Interview with Urbian Fritz-James?

1 How did you find out about CouchSurfing?

2 What makes your couch special?

3 Tell about a special person you hosted?

4 What place near your couch would you recommend everybody to visit?

5 What do you like to see in a good CouchSurf request?

6 Which sort of guests do you prefer?

7 Which host should we interview in the next newsletter?

verhaal over CouchSurfers uit Bangladesh

Idee van Linda

CS house

CouchSurfing house #2 – Casa Robino in Amsterdam Jasper heeft Robin gevraagd