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CS newsletter for the Netherlands

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Old newsletters:

CS Newsletter for the Netherlands 2010.1

Draft 2nd newsletter


Een welkom en een vraag die linkt naar een threat in de NL group (wanneer is iemand voor jou een vouch waard?)

Couchsurfers meeting up (rechterbalk)




Maastricht summer meeting?

Midsummernight in the park

Arnhem Calling?

Small meeting?


Meeting in Zwolle?

News from Cs Netherlands (rechterbalk)

How to make a CS event? > Maikel's powerpoint?

Discussion topic (heading) ?

Travel stories (linkerbalk)

stories from Dutch travellers?

guests in NL?

Exotic couch (linkerbalk)

Interview with a 'exotic host'?


Who can beat 8 people?

Place unknown

traveltip (linkerbalk)