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CS newsletter for the Netherlands

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Draft 1st newsletter

nog te doen:

  • CSinterklaas:

- meer inhoud zoals een inleidende tekst (?)

  • Interview met couchsurfer (Maikel en Jasper ?)
  • meer aankondigingen / verslagen (Jasper en ?)

Past meetings

CSinterklaas Rotterdam 2009


We asked some people what they will do with the presents Sinterklaas gave them

Sam: give it to a boy I know very well

Paul: I am going to put coins in it

Sagnik: I will break this puzzle tonight, before I go to sleep




Sinterklaas Pastry Extravaganza!

Part of the Sinterklaas Event in the last weekend of November was the Sinterklaas Pastry Extravaganza!

For this meeting 21 people signed up but at the day itself about 10 people showed up. So did the Wizzard of Oss who is writing this article.

As we arrived the hoster of this event hosted by Maartje had already some tea ready. The forecast told that it would be raining a lot that day so everybody was happy to be at this workshop not having to do sightseeing in the rain. After finishing the Tea we all had to get to work.

In the work we made pepernoten wich is good for getting Dirty hands and a good view on the recipe.

Afterall many things were made including like: Kruidnoten, also many decorations were made with Marzipan.

In the end after all our work we managed to prepare: Pepernoten and Cookies The Horse of Sinterklaas that was very tired A flag (guess from wich countr) Meat and a present vegetarian meat;-) Fresh big pepernoten Linda liked to color her Fingers A bored Couchsurfer with die sick dogs of the host Maybe someone was killed there. Bet when seeing this Pepernot Everybody was happy again.

Afterall everybody liked it and as the group was small made this beeing a very cosy meeting as a part of the Sinterklaas event in Rotterdam.


Sinterklaas in Utrecht

Sinterklaas was all over the Utrecht community for several days this year. It all started with the monthly meeting of friday december 4th where Sinterklaas left some nice presents for some. When Sinterklaas himself showed up it appeared that Utrecht has the honor of the very politicly correct Zwarte Klaas and Witte Piet who were quite willing to give all those naughty couchsurfers some decent spanking. After that is was time to say goodbye to Graham in Utrecht-style, so with something to write on, this time a table-cloth. On Pakjesavond (the evening of december 5th) Sinterklaas was too busy for us, so we had to make our sinterklaascandy ourselves. Luckily Sint managed to come back from Spain on the 8th to attend the surprise-evening of the Dutch lessons in Utrecht.

For more pictures check here: monthly meeting, baking evening and Dutch lessons.

Sauna Meetings (Jasper heeft hierover contact met Ramon)

Amersfoort (Jasper zoekt hiervoor contact met Martine)

Future meetings

Arnhem Calling


Small meeting

In April 2010 there is about a SMALL CS meeting to Happen in and around 's-Hertogenbosch (also known as Den Bosch)

This meeting will be organised as one main eventlocation somewhere in or near 's-Hertogenbosch and several Sub-events during the day.

Check The meetingpage for all details as far as they are ready and signup to the subevents that you like.

In this meeting the following sub-events are part of the plan: - City walk around 's-Hertogenbosch (with all the stories doing it slow this meeting can take op to 4 hours for getting a good view on all the nice details of the city - Canal boat tour in the evening on the canal de Binnendieze (will start at 20:00 or 21:00 u reservation will be confirmed 100% in february) - Main party event in the evening (for gathering together and having fun) - Maybe a walk into the nature the next day.

Checkout the meetingpage for all the details about this nice happening.

CS Carnaval

Couch Surfing Alaaf! The Netherlands Alaaf! Traveller Alaaf!

CS Crazy Couch Surfing Carnaval in the Maastricht (NL) / Aachen (D) / Belgian village (B) Euregion.

We start on the 11th of February and go on until Ashwednesday on the 17th of February. Note that te official Carnaval days are 14, 15 and 16 February, be sure to stay till Monday, Tuesday or (best!) Ashwednesday! Besides sleeping, on Ashwednesday it’s a custom to go for “haringbijten”, usually with classical music!

All days there is the Carnaval Style Open CS House at Marten’s place, close to the central station and the center; for meeting, disguising and eating! During all days there are Carnaval activities from the end of the morning until deep in the night! Main organizers are Frank ~ inofficial CS Carnaval Ambassador ~ who’s guiding you through the traditions from the morning till midnight, and Marten whom you can follow for Carnaval “the nightlife edition”.

The organizers are giving each square cm, so just the two of us can already host 33 people at the same time!

Sign up!

regular meetings

Jasper: imo we have to say something about those (see also this post in the NL org group: Maybe just a link to here might be enough.

Community uitgelicht/place unknown

Jasper: heeft contact gezocht met mensen in Leeuwarden

CS Netherlands news

Jasper: ik ga proberen onze eerste familie-ambassadeurs wat te laten schrijven over couchsurfing families in Nederland


Who wants to select a couchssurfer and make an interview?

tips / trivia

Traveltip for inside the Netherlands

If you like to do cheap sightseeing in Noord-Brabant than a good deal might be the dayticket that you can buy on request only from the busdriver. The system is simple: When you are boarding the bus you don't buy a normal ticket but a Dagkaartje and pay in cash exact 3 euro(often they can't change from bigger money). With this ticket you can use all busses in the complete province Noord-Brabant. As Brabant is one of the biggest provinces there are many things that you can visit for just that 3 euro in one day. You can plan your route at the 9292 routeplanner or if you have NO internet just dail: 0900-9292 (€ 0,70 p/m, max € 14,-)

foto couch

Couchsurfing EXTREME

Ever had massive numbers of people surfing your couch??? Was it ever so full you were afraid that it might break because of the sheer weight pressing on it. The Couchsurfing Newsletter challenges you to top 5 people on one couch. Easy? Proof it!!! Make a nice photograph of hordes of people on the same couch and tell us what happened. The best picture will be selected for the Couchsurfing newsletter volume II.

5 people on one couch