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[[:cs:users/GERALD_ROTTERDAM|Gerard Bosman]] (Lansingerland municipality)  
[[:cs:users/GERALD_ROTTERDAM|Gerard Bosman]] (Lansingerland municipality)  
[[:cs:users/mariejose74|Marie Jose]] (Lansingerland municipality)
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[[:cs:users/jeroenek|Jeroen Geerdink]] (Nomadic)
[[:cs:users/jeroenek|Jeroen Geerdink]] (Nomadic)
[[:cs:users/Alison Cebulla|Alison Cebulla]] (Nomadic)
==Ambassadors meetings==
==Ambassadors meetings==

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Trustroots ‎ Dutch flag

AmersfoortAmsterdamArnhemBredaDelftDordrechtEindhovenEnschedeGroningenHaarlemHengeloThe Hague's HertogenboschLeeuwardenLeidenMaastrichtOssRotterdamTilburgUtrechtZwolle

List of Dutch Ambassadors

Country Ambassadors

Liza van Kuijk (Utrecht)

+ Support Dutch City ambassadors and the rest of the Netherlands CS community. 
+ Member of New Member Welcome group, greeting new members in Utrecht and around. 
+ Organising meetings and activities in Utrecht and assisting in others in the Netherlands.
+ Explore the other CS communities in the Netherlands and the rest of the world by surfing and going to meetings
+ Member of workinggroup for reorganising groups of the Netherlands
+ Mentor/Buddy for new ambs in the centre of the Netherlands
+ Moderator of: 
 + Netherlands CS group
 + Netherlands CS organisation group 
 + Last minute couch in the Netherlands group 
 + Dutch lessons in Utrecht group
 + Utrecht CS group

Henri Geerman (Arnhem)


City Ambassadors




Stephan Preeker



+ post on the CSNL Group

Ania Wolna


Annemarie Rossi


Gerard Bosman (Lansingerland municipality)


Marie Jose (Lansingerland municipality)


Jasper Haenen

+ Moderator of Utrecht CS group and Utrecht meeting and events team group.
+ Member of Cs working groups: Events & Outreach - Event Organizers & couchsurfing Wiki
+ Wikiholic; editing Wiki's of among others Utrecht, Netherlands and Dutch ambassadors
+ Organisation of meetings in Utrecht
+ trying to keep track on Dutch groups and Ambassadors groups, posting there when necessary
+ Trying to keep contact with other communities in the Netherlands
+ Trying to go to meetings in and outside Utrecht when I can

Sanne Bongers

+ Moderator of Utrecht CS group and Dutch lessons in Utrecht group.
+ Organiser of the Utrecht CS Dutch Lessons.
+ Organiser of several events in Utrecht.
+ Going to many meetings in Utrecht and trying to go to meetings in other communities.
+ Spreading the word, be a good host/surfer.

Tim Straatsma

Den Haag



Giuseppe Cimo'

+ Active Couchsurfer.
+ Moderator of the Groningen CS group.
+ Moderator of CS Groningen Organization group.
+ Moderator and active member of many groups.
+ Event organizer in Groningen.
+ Editor of the Groningen CS Wiki page.
+ Member of the Contact Us Team.
+ Member of the Groups Management operators.
+ Member of the Location Fixing Team.
+ Member of the New Member Welcome group.
+ Member of a number of CS Organization Working Groups.
+ (Old) translator of the CS site.
+ Mentor for new ambassadors and volunteers in the north Netherlands.
+ CS addicted :)

Susanne van Erp


Leona Reuter


Konstantin Youdenko


Tommy Quist



+ moderate Haarlem group at http://www.couchsurfing.com/group.html?gid=6774
+ organise meetings such as http://www.couchsurfing.com/meetings.html?mid=9214
+ maintain CS Wiki page about Haarlem at http://wiki.couchsurfing.com/en/Haarlem
+ promote CS in my social network



Lukas Taks


Remco Matthias Kwint


Maikel Lourenssen


Other Ambassadors

Maarten, Ilse + Lilou Duijvesteijn (De Lier) (Family)

Cynthia Doren (Amsterdam) (Nomadic)

Ineke Pelleboer (Oldelamer) (Nomadic)

Serendipitous (Roger Thompson) (Schaijk) (Nomadic)

Anderson Ferreira (Rotterdam) (Nomadic)

NAT-CHO (Amsterdam) (Nomadic)

Jeroen Geerdink (Nomadic)

Alison Cebulla (Nomadic)

Ambassadors meetings


Ambassadors and other volunteers organize many meetings and happenings all around the country. Check the Dutch CS events on our Calendar


Here you'll find reports of the meetings with the City and Country ambassadors in the Netherlands.

Minutes 1st Dutch Ambassadors meetup, march 15th 2008, Utrecht

Minutes 2nd Dutch Ambassasors meetup, june 14th 2008, Utrecht

Minutes 3rd Dutch Ambassasors meetup, september 6th 2008, Groningen

Minutes 4rd Dutch Ambassasors meetup, january 10th 2009, Oss

Minutes 5th Dutch Ambassasors meetup, september 27th 2009, Haarlem

Minutes 6th Dutch Ambassasors meetup, january 17th 2009, Arnhem

Dutch Ambassador Welcome kit

The Dutch Ambassador Welcome kit has usefull information for new ambassadors in the Netherlands.

Things to do

Tips for ambassadors

Wiki Netherlands

The Dutch wiki page is in progress! Please feel free to add any useful information!