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Country: France
Region: Centre (France)
Blason of the City
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Bourges is a city in France. To get the main administratives information on the city (population, geography etc) check out this page
To get a map of the city, click here

History of Bourges

More informations about the History of Bourges on the wikipedia:Bourges !

Bourges' CS group

CS meetings

File:CSteam Bourges.jpg
Bourges' CS team after a meeting, out from the bar
CS meetings are not scheduled. Their organisation depends more of the mood, occasions and availability of the members. To know if a meeting is planned, check out the CS Bourges' group and look for a subject title like "meeting", "apéro", "soirée"... well, we're not that organised but our group is quite young and we're working on it! :)

Language Club

However, there's a group that meets every week on Friday evening (except during summer holidays). This is the languages club where some people (from everywhere) who want to practice any language can come and meet native speakers (mostly English and Spanish but also Polish, Turkish...). People go there for a couple of drinks and talk about different things. A nice way to meet people with good vibes! The group takes place every Friday from 7pm at O'Brians pub (9 rue Barbes). For any information, contact Adrien LELIEVRE in the contact list below


The hardest thing when you come to a new town is to meet people... especially in Bourges maybe.

As you'll see Bourges is not the most exciting place to be. We can admit that. There are not too many students and they don't use to get to know each other. And the city center is quickly empty when the sun goes down... Berruyers (people living in Bourges) seem like vampires sometimes.

Except during the music festival which lasts a week every each year and during the warm summer nights, we can't honestly say that the streets are even "sometimes crowded."

But don't close the page please... it's getting better we swear!

The best way to stay in touch with members is probably to join CS Bourges' group so that you will be informed of the meetings members want to organize and get their mobile phone and email adress which can be really useful to contact them.

For sure you'll get to love this city if you meet the good people! ;)

Mailing list

File:Mailing list Bourges.jpg
Could be useful if you don't get answers through CS

Here are the e-mail addresses of the Bourges' couchsurfing members in case of you don't get any answer from the couchsurfing website.

Aurélie CREUX >


Internet connection
Internet is expensive here if you go to a "cyber-café" or a self service connection. Anyways, here's the list of the places in Bourges where you can find wifi.

Otherwise, there is free internet connection in all the McDonald's you could find. The closest from the city center is situated next to the shopping mall called "Carrefour" on the street Chaussée de la Chappe.


At the moment, there are only a few permanent members in Bourges but we all talk about the community to our friends, especially during parties, which is the best way to convince people. Actually, the group of Bourges includes about 50 people but some of the members are no longer in Bourges and it seems that some others don't exist anymore. Send an e-mail to the mailing list above if you don't run a couchsearch, you'll be more sure to get an answer this way.

Meeting Organisers

Everybody can be a meeting organiser, the rule is that there's no rules! Subscribe to CS Bourges' group, propose a meeting with a place, an hour and see the responses you got! It's sometimes necessary to send a personal message to members to awaken them. If it seems necessary then don't hesitate!

Coffee, drink, food and other activities

Pubs & Bars

Pub Murrayfield 11, Rue Jean Girard Wifi connection available

La soupe aux choux / Le guillotin 15, Rue Jean Girard

O'Brians 9, Rue Barbès

Le Beau Bar 10 Bis, Rue Beaux Arts

Les Jacobins Enclos des Jacobins

Pub Jacques Coeur 1, Rue d'Auron Wifi connection available

L'Euro Café 41, Rue Moyenne

Les 3 petits cochons 27 Bis, Avenue Jean Jaurès

And many others...


La soupe aux choux / Le guillotin 15, Rue Jean Girard
Traditional food from Berry, salads, wines / 9 to 20€

Café bazar 5, rue Calvin
Traditional food, regional wines / 10 to 20€

La pleine lune 12 Rue Porte Jaune
Original -but good!- food, salads and beef / 15 to 30€

Cosy Delice 17 Rue Jean Girard
Japanese food / 15 to 30€

L'antidote 81 Rue Gambon
Biologic and traditional food, biologic wines / 15 to 30€

La Scala Place Planchat
Pizzas and pastas; Italian food & wines / 10 to 20€

Pizz'Alberto 18 Rue Viala
Pizzas and pastas; Italian food & wines (arguably the best pizza in Bourges!) / 9 to 20€

Interesting places & monuments

For all the following places, Bourges' tourism office organizes visits and is able to tell you the opening hours. Here are the directions :

Office de Tourisme de Bourges 21 rue Victor Hugo BP 126 18000 BOURGES Tél. : 02 48 23 02 60

Marais : Only 10 minutes from the city center, take a walk in this natural monument made of private gardens where lots of birds, joggers and other animals live in the most quiet neighbourhood in town!

Cathedral : No need to introduce this huge 13th century building, you must have already seen it and if you haven't, that would probably be the first thing you'll see when you get there! This cathedral is an Unesco World Heritage site, and you can't come to Bourges without seeing it!

Palais Jacques Coeur : Right in the city center, next to Place Cujas where the art school is, stands one of the greatest examples of 15th century architecture.

Museums : To know everything you need about Bourges' museums, take a look at this page

Festivals, concerts & various events

To see the list of the concert places in Bourges, click here
Then, to get a list of the concerts programs, click on the link below the coordinates of the concert halls.

Printemps de Bourges

File:Printemps de Bourges.jpg
Printemps de bourges
The biggest event happening in the city is "Le printemps de Bourges" which takes place every year in April. For more than 30 years it's the first festival occurring in Europe. Don't miss this event during when the city turns crazy and totally changes!


Good three-day French music festival just after Le Printemps de Bourges in May, which has been held in Vierzon since 2002. Trains and a highway link Bourges to Vierzon, easy to hitch hike.

Un été à Bourges

During the summer, lots of little concerts happen in different places of the city. Most of them are free and take place in the old historic parts of Bourges which are a nice way to discover the city.

Blue lights in Bourges

Every night during the summer, from June to September (from 9pm to midnight), the old medieval town takes on a blue hue. In fact, the streetlights are turned into blue lamps which will guide you through the city for a nice educational and historic visit of the city.

Jazz festival

In Sancerre, a little village about 50km from Bourges particularly known for its good wines, there is a Jazz festival every year in mid-July, where lots of great international musicians come to play music

Cuvée de Parassy

Countryside break for this festival happening in a field next to a little village called Parrasy. A 4-year old music and art festival occurring in October.

In Case of Emergency

  • Police Station:

Tel : 15
Address : 6 Avenue d'Orléans 18000 Bourges

  • Health Emergency:

SAMU (French Health Emergency Service) : Tel: 15
European Tel number for Emergency : 112
Emergency number for the homeless : 115

  • Hospital:

Click here for the list of hospitals in Bourges.

  • Fire Station:

Emergency number : 18

  • Emergency Doctor:

SOS médecin Tel : 02 48 23 33 33
Address : 51 Rue Turly 18000 Bourges

Views of the city

File:Cathedrale de Bourges.jpg
Rue de la Porte Jaune
File:Escalier Mirebeau.jpeg
Escalier Mirebeau
Palais Jacques Coeur
Cathédrale de Bourges de jour
File:Rue des arènes.jpg
Rue des arènes
File:Promenade des remparts.jpg
Promenade des remparts
File:Rue Bourbonnoux.jpg
Rue Bourbonnoux

More informations about the places to visit in Bourges on the wikivoyage:Bourges !

Local Media Mentions

File:Article CS - Le Berry Républicain - September 4th 2009.bmp
Le Berry Républicain, Local Newspaper, September 4th 2009