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Article on BeWelcome [http://www.idealist.org/en/org/166947-211]
Article on BeWelcome [http://www.idealist.org/en/org/166947-211]
Wikitravel about BeWelcome [http://wikitravel.org/en/Hospitality_exchange#BeWelcome]
Wikivoyage about BeWelcome [http://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Hospitality_exchange#BeWelcome]
Canvi article about BeWelcome (Catalan) [http://www.cambio16.info/canvi/pdf/107.pdf]
Canvi article about BeWelcome (Catalan) [http://www.cambio16.info/canvi/pdf/107.pdf]

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The logo of BeWelcome

Be Welcome is a project aiming to connect people from all over the world through hospitality exchange and to allow them to learn about other cultures, countries and traditions. It was founded in 2006 by volunteers of Hospitality Club who experienced the limits of decision making, transparency and legal structure within the management of HC. Thus an official NGO was founded in July 2006. First called HCvol it's final name is BeVolunteer.org.

The first beta website of the project BeWelcome was launched in February 2007. A second upgrade was carried through at the end of June 2007, the third and actual Version was introduced in the beginning of December 2007. In 2007 various volunteers of CouchSurfing, spreading "Open CS" also joined the volunteers network.

Check http://www.bewelcome.org

Why use BeWelcome?

BeWelcome has a few nice things to point out:

  • A good reply rate to accomodation requests (afaik)
  • A quite responsive community of volunteers
  • Openness for ideas from the community.
  • If you like the interface, that's one more point. If you don't, well, then not.

Why would someone not use BeWelcome?

  • not as many members as some other networks. You don't get that many requests, and you don't have that much choice in small places.


See History of BeWelcome


See Philosophy of BeWelcome


See BeWelcome censorship

Promotion kit

  • an A4-BeWelcome poster to put to the walls (pdf)


The Software which runs BeWelcome[1]

Article on BeWelcome [2]

Wikivoyage about BeWelcome [3]

Canvi article about BeWelcome (Catalan) [4]

Indymedia article about Media and BeWelcome [5]

more ?

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