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<p style="color:red"><b>>>>> Couch Information <<<< </b></p>
<p style="color:red"><b>>>>> Couch Information <<<< </b></p>

<br />New to couchsurfing? Read the <a href="">Couchsurfing Cheat Sheet</a>.<br>  
<br />New to couchsurfing? Read the [ Couchsurfing Cheat Sheet].<br>  
There's also<a href=""> Tips & Etiquette</a><br>  
There's also<a href=""> Tips & Etiquette</a><br>  
<a href="">How to be a Good Guest</a> <br>  
<a href="">How to be a Good Guest</a> <br>  

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>>>> Couch Information <<<<

New to couchsurfing? Read the Couchsurfing Cheat Sheet.
There's also<a href=""> Tips & Etiquette</a>
<a href="">How to be a Good Guest</a>
<a href="">How to write a Couchrequest</a>
<a href="">Searching & Requesting A Couch</a> ___________________________________________________

Best days to host: Weekends i.e. Friday night, Saturday & Sunday. Btw, I live with my wife <a href="">Radka</a>, a dog called Moose and a cat called Monkey!

>>>> Read This!!! <<<<

1. My place will only suit people who like animals. A large dog and small cat live inside the apartment. So if you are allergic or don't like animals, you won't enjoy staying here :(

2. The TV/guest room is a converted study. It's cramped but at least you can close the door. (so you will have some privacy :) If there's two of you, it will be tight though! ___________________________________________________

Please include the anti-spam phrase: "I :heart: pets" So I know that you've read my Couch Information. All requests missing this will be ignored or mocked.

Please also write something interesting about yourself and to indicate that you at least tried to read my profile. Also, if there's two of you please provide the link to the second person's profile. I'm letting strangers into my house, it's not that much to ask! Apart from that, welcome :)

Preference will be given to: - CouchSurfers who have previously hosted and/or have ample positive references, vouched, verified. etc. (ie. people truly engaged in CouchSurfing) - Also social people who want to hang out, not just use my place for the free couch.

p.p.s I have a name. It's Roy. Please use it. Not "hey you", "hi" or "hello there". I know, I know - you have limited internet access, we've all been there. Just try to at least pretend that you read my profile ok? ;)

Useful Links: 1. <a href="">CS Toronto Group</a> See what's going on in town! 2. <a href=""> Toronto Wiki</a> Tips for Travelers! 3. <a href="">10 Ways to Improve Your Couchsurfing Odds</a> 4. <a href="">Tourist attractions</a> 5. <a href="">Toronto CouchSurfers' favourite spots!</a> 6. <a href="">Blog TO (find the best of Toronto here!)</a> 7. <a href="">CouchSurfing Toronto Twitter feed (find out where we are!)</a>

Location: I live close to Downtown Toronto. Easily accessible by bus or streetcar and walking distance to the subway. Lots of bars, restaurants, supermarkets and a mall nearby! Awesome ay? Come visit!

Emergency contact: If the CS messaging system is down, you can email me at [email protected] or leave a voicemail on (416)800-0480