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This page has been started for the Anarchist Couchsurfing Requests group needs.

Here you'll find and add inforations about anarchist hosts, worldwide.

Organise for Anarchy !


Even if the Anarchist Yellow Pages are not directly meant to find an anarchist host, you might be interested to check it out.


North America

South America





I invite to write anyhing she wants here.

Im Steph, not a native dane but I will live here until november 2010 i think.

I am vegan, involved in different projects here- including an antifa cafe and a new social centre. I live in someone elses apartment, we have room for probably 2 people. Its a small place. We like interesting visitors. We like to dumpster dive, see bands, talk, drink...

I speak english and hmm questionable danish :) I can read some swedish. Jens speaks danish, english and some swedish and german.



Anarchist Couch available in Stockholm, Sweden periodically:

I'm a 30 year old anarchist living in the cold capital of Sweden. So if you are passing by here I might be able to host you. I work as a subway driver on odd days and hours so it's sadly not a done deal (and I'm also active in the Swedish syndicalist union SAC which sometimes occupy my spare time). And my place is a one-roomer. But I love a philosophical-political discussion any day so if you like talking about what an anarchist society could look like I'm always up for it!

I'm not vegan or vegetarian. I speak Swedish, English and Japanese (日本語). I live close to the subway (only 25 minutes to down town).