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At some point Anarchists could easily become a tribe on Trustroots.

This page has been started for the Anarchist Couchsurfing Requests group needs.

Here you'll find and add inforations about anarchist hosts, worldwide.

Organise for Anarchy !


Even if the Anarchist Yellow Pages are not directly meant to find an anarchist host, you might be interested to check it out.


North America

United States

New York

My name is Dave, and this here is my profile: I live in ALBANY, not New York City. Check out my profile for more info.

South America





Im, not a native dane but I will live here until november 2010 I think. I am vegan, involved in different projects here- including an antifa cafe and a new social centre.
I live in someone elses apartment, we have room for probably 2 people. Its a small place. We like interesting visitors. We like to dumpster dive, see bands, talk, drink...
I speak english and hmm questionable danish :) I can read some swedish. Jens speaks danish, english and some swedish and german.



escotilha8 is an anarchist hosting house. and some others run this place, we have an average of about 4 people every day, maximum 15. check my profile for a description of what's available.



Anarchist Couch available in Stockholm, Sweden periodically:

I'm a 30 year old anarchist living in the cold capital of Sweden. So if you are passing by here I might be able to host you. I work as a subway driver on odd days and hours so it's sadly not a done deal (and I'm also active in the Swedish syndicalist union SAC which sometimes occupy my spare time). And my place is a one-roomer. But I love a philosophical-political discussion any day so if you like talking about what an anarchist society could look like I'm always up for it!

I'm not vegan or vegetarian. I speak Swedish, English and Japanese (日本語). I live close to the subway (only 25 minutes to down town).



Hey there, people of good will! I'm 33 year old deadbeat, out for freedom, social justice and good old fun. revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having, i say. Actually i say it in a somewhat more vulgar manner. Oh, and here's my. I'm 188, 120kg and they call me grizzly. We grow anarchists big in our country, it seems, as i have a similarily sized friend from Maribor, and he may well host some of you travelling anarchists out there. Actually, i can pretty much link you up with folks all over our small country, if you wish. But i can only speak for myself, hence no other profiles, right?

So, i can offer a couch, a vegetarian (well, i do eat fish...) meal, fun with my doggie, a wild night out, and lung cancer, possibly, as i'm a chain smoker. There's more info with my profile, so check it out, if you're travelling through our so-called subalpine paradise.




AC availabe in Bremen. My name is Martin. Maybe I can show you some interesting places here. Feel free to contact me:


Allgovia Region near Munich

Hey it's Arne from Germany ...please feel free2ask ->