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Country: France
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CS-Groups and Meetings

The Main CS Cities of the Region

Couch Surfing in the Region

The CS Activity in the Region

Family Welcome

Children Welcome.jpg In the region, there is a very nice, active and developped CS Families network. If you travel with your children, if you would like to be hosted by a family, if you are searching for a host who accept a family, meeting other families making to your children more different cultural friendship, you are welcome to join the French Family's group !

A tool exists to localise easily where you can find the CS families' in the region, please check the Family Welcome Map of the area.

Rural Couchsurfing

RCSIcon2.gif In Alsace you have the chance to have the possibility to couchsurf a bit everywhere, even in the countryside ! Check the map of the Rural CSers in Alsace, you can find them easilier on this way ! There is also a CS group called "Rural CS France" where you can talk with all Rural CSers in France.

But not all Rural CSers appears on the map or are members of the group "Rural CS France". To find the others, join the Regional CS group of Alsace !

Regional Contacts on CS

What to visit in the Region

Places to see

  • The cathedral of Strasbourg
  • Cité de l'Automobile National Museum, the most prestigious car collection in the world Mulhouse
  • The road of wines (Colmar-Marlenheim-Thann)
  • Colmar,Unterlieden Museum (Isenheim Altarpiece)
  • Big archaeological enigmae of the Mont St Odile
  • Obernai
  • Riquewihr
  • Eguisheim
  • The Castel of the Haut-Koenigsbourg
  • Humanist library of Sélestat
  • Kaysersberg (where was born Albert Schweitzer)
  • Turkheim (Houses of the revival)
  • Parc of Orangerie in Strasbourg
  • "Petite France" in Strasbourg
  • Must go in a typical restaurant, there are many food specialities in Alsace !!!!

The Main Events

  • Market of Christmas of Strasbourg
  • Market of Christmas of Colmar
  • International festival of classical music of Colmar (July)
  • Jazzdor in Strasbourg (November)
  • International festival of music of Strasbourg (June)
  • Musica in Strasbourg (September-October)
  • Wines fests in Summer



7 to 15, Foire aux vins, Colmar

Map of the Region


Regional Media Mentions

File:Article CS - DNA - 15 Aout 2005 Alsace.bmp
DNA, Local Newspaper, August 15th 2005
A Sundgrau, Local Newspaper, July 15th 2009
Photo 004.jpg
File:Article CS - L'Alsace - 9 Aout 2009 Alsace.bmp
L'Alsace, Local Newspaper, August 9th 2009