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Information about the city

Alicante is a 3000 years old coast city, by the Mediterranean sea. Most of the year under the sun, it´s a well-known touristic place and counts with 316.000 inhabitants.

The exact origin of the city come back to the Iberians. the Fenicians (which called the city Akra Leuka), ruled by the romans (by that time calling the city Lucentum), the musilms, which gave it it´s nowadays name, Alicante, and finally taken back by the spanish army in 1246 AD.

Getting in and out


To visit

What's on. Hang out

If you want to see some live cams, check: link title

Getting in and out Airport Alicante´s airport, El Altet, is the second most important airport in Spain.

Bus station

For those who want to move around the main cities in Spain or Europe, you can check this company:

Train station

Moving in the city Bus


Activities Alicante´s Group cs:groups/Alacant - Alicante Here you can find the postings related to the activities organized by local CS members. Any visitor is welcomed to join us inany of our activities or even propose yours. Tell us when you are coming, we´ll always arrange something ;-) Please, do not use this group for requesting a couch. Use <this> subgroup instead.

Agenda (Google Calendar) <a target="_blank" href=""><img src="" border=0></a> [<a target="_blank" href=""><img src="" border=0></a> Agenda]

GoogleMap con los sitios en los que quedamos.

Alicante de noche

Places to visit GoogleMap con los puntos de interés turístico.

Castillo de Santa Bárbara


Parque de Canalejas

Isla de Tabarca


Services for surfers GoogleMap con la localización de los centros de servicios.

Couch Request´s Group cs:groups/Couch Requests Request for a couch in Alicante

Laundry Services Albergue Juvenil La Florida Avenida Orihuela, 59 03007 Alicante Telefono 965 282 754 Por 1,8 euros se puede lavar la ropa. Incluye secadora.

Telephone Services(?)

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