100 things to do in Heidelberg

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Wappen von Heidelberg

  1. visit the Heidelberg Castle
  2. see the great barrel
  3. go to the Apothekenmuseum
  4. walk through the Garden of the Heidelberg Castle
  5. take the Funicular to Königstuhl
  6. walk up the Himmelsleiter to Königsstuhl
  7. walk up the philosophers road
  8. see Heiligenberg and the former monestries
  9. visit the monestry in Heidelberg-Ziegelhausen
  10. buy a Studentenkuss and learn the story about it
  11. visit the Studentenkarzer
  12. visit the Kurpfälzische Museum
  13. see the Zeughaus
  14. walk over the old bridge
  15. take a picture with the Brückenaffe
  16. drink a beer in the brewery Vetters
  17. watch the castle illumination and the fireworks (3 times a year)
  18. visit and walk through the Bergfriedhof
  19. eat in the best Mensa of Heidelberg, the Zeughaus