100 things to do in Berlin

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Flag of Berlin


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  1. Look at the city from the TV Tower at Alexanderplatz
  2. Climb the Flakturm (part of old bunker) in Volkspark Humboldhain and look at the northern part of the city or a nice sunset
  3. Eat a currywurst
  4. Eat Döner Kebab or Falafel
  5. Eat a burger at one of the burger restaurants
  6. Buy a beer in a Späti (night shop) and drink it somewhere on the streets or in a park
  7. Walk along the river Spree
  8. Ride a bicycle
  9. Be yelled at by cyclists
  10. Drink a Club Mate
  11. Give away your recyclable glass or plastic bottles to a bottle collector

100. Encounter something unique, unplanned and not to be found in any traveller guide or on internet