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Country: Germany
Region: Bavaria
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Würzburg is a German city located in Lower Franconia (important: not in Bavaria, please refer to a native Franconian for more information). It is renowned for its Franconian wine (also named "Bocksbeutel") and a great and growing CS community.

Local CS community

Regular Activities

There are no regular meetings yet, but check on the Würzburg CS group for other events. Feel free to join! (Join the local group to know what is going on at the time of your travels here.)

Who to contact

If you intend to come to Würzburg or have questions during your stay the Würzburg CS forum plus the (sorrounding) Lower Franconia CS forum are good points to start from.

If you are looking for a host, do not post in the group but try a couchsearch and write to individual members! Read the advice on How to write a good request to be successful.

Getting to Würzburg

By Train

Würzburg has a big train station right in the city. For tickets have a look at Deutsche Bahn.

By Plane

Closest airports are either Frankfurt (FRA) or Nuremberg (NUE).

By Car

Würzburg is actually located very close to the center of Germany. It is easy to reach for travellers especially when they travel by car - or hitchhiking. There are two important motorways going by:

  • A3 (Dutch border - Cologne - Frankfurt - Würzburg - Nuremberg - Regensburg - Austrian border)
  • A7 (Danish border - Hamburg - Kassel - Würzburg - Ulm - Austria)

Getting along in Würzburg

Hotels / Motels / B&Bs

If you look for a more economical way of staying in Würzburg you definitely should consider CouchSurfing. In the case that no couch is available throughout Würzburg you can still refer to the youth hostel. The most famous ones are the Jugendherberge next to the river Main. Motels are not very common in Germany but you also should keep your eyes open for "Pensionen" which are basically the same.

Eating and Drinking


Public Transport


In Case of Trouble

Würzburg is a pretty safe city but you never know. In the case of a fire break-out or general emergencies call 112, call 110 if you need police assistance. If someone gets hurt call an ambulance by dialing 19222.

These numbers should work from every cellular phone. If you don't have one look out for a phone booth or ask passers-by for help. Emergency calls don't cost anything. If you confuse the numbers it also shouldn't be a problem, you will be routed through. Please make sure to remember at least one of these numbers.


Outdoor Activities


Bars and Clubs






Check above Wikivoyage and Wikipedia for details.


Würzburg, an old bishop town has several churches, the most important ones being the cathedral (Dom) and nearby Neumünster. The fortress overlooking the town cannot be missed and forms actually a good starting point for a good overview. One should not miss the Residence, regarded as one of the finest palaces in Europe and a high point of Baroque art (also UNESCO cultural world heritage!). The residence also contains a beautiful staircase with ceiling paintings be the venetian painter Tiepolo, the largest of its kind.

Web Links

Tourismus Lower Franconia

  • A recent radio report on the 'city of 3 world religions' (only in German): [1] contains many links on local details!