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The Harbor

Vannes is a city in France. Formely a Gallo-Romna capital and home to the DUkes of Brittany, Vannes id today one of the most outstanding towns in Brittany ofr its architectural heritage. Within a stone's throw from the ramparts in the middle of the town, the port is one of the countlesss centres for walks and recreational activities. Vannes is not satisfied with being a picturesque town on the Gulf of Morbihan; it's also the most dynamic medium-size town in France.


Born more than 2000 years ago, Darioritum dominates a site at the junction of land, sea and business ways. Promoted the capital of the Vénètes, the Gallo-Roman town establishes around a vast forum, which is the administrative and political centre of the whole territory. At the end of the 3d century, a castrum is built which will become the basis of the Middle Ages fortified city.

Yet, it is a double city that develops then:

  • one intra-muros around the Cathedral,
  • one on the site of the Gallo-Roman city around the Saint-Patern church.

As soon as the fifth century, Vannes accommodates the bishop's palace. The development of buildings gives evidence of the urban revival during the 12th and the 13th centuries. The maintenance and expansion of the ramparts is one of the Breton Dukes' worry. A court of justice settles in the Cohue which is situated opposite the Cathedral. After the Brittany succession wars, Jean IV decides to build there his château de l'Hermine. In Vannes in 1532, François I meets the Breton representatives to determine the union of Brittany to France. In 1675, the Brittany parliament has to leave Rennes for Vannes.

In the 19th century two elements generate a development of the urban fabric in a town that seemed to be at a standstill: the arrival of the railways in 1862 then the establishment of two artillery regiments which enabled an activity revival. Small industries and housing estates develop close to the railway station then to the Western neighbourhoods that then become residential. Many efforts are devoted from the Second Empire onwards to the construction of public buildings like the prefecture or the town hall. An important growth begins after the Second World War. In the 1960's and 1970's the creation of priority urbanization zones like Kercado and Menimur, the building of the Northern bypass deeply changed the urban influence that developed beyond the city boundaries. Yet Vannes has been able to protect and give importance to its ancient heart with the help of a protection plan which was approved in 1982.

More informations about the History of Vannes on the wikipedia:Vannes !


File:The battlements.JPG
The Battlements
File:Porte st vincent.jpg
Saint Vincent's Door
File:Cathedral Vannes.JPG
The Old Town and the Cathedral
File:Le vieux lavoir.JPG
The Old Wash-House
File:Beaux arts vannes.jpg
The Beaux Arts Museum
File:Chateau Hermine.JPG
The Hermine Castle

More informations about the places to visit in Vannes on the wikivoyage:Vannes !


Free Internet/Wifi Access

Here is a list of places where you can find some Internet and/or Wifi Access:

  • Bureau Information Jeunesse - Adress: Ave Victor Hugo - Vannes - Tel:
  • Ensemble Contre le Chômage - Adress: 7 rue de Bernus - Tel:
  • Chambre d'agriculture du Morbihan - Adress: Espace DOC Chambre d'Agriculture du Morbihan Avenue Borgnis Desbordes 56009 VANNES CEDEX - Tel: 02 97 46 22 55
  • Cybercommune de Locmaria - Adress: Mairie de Locmaria, Place des Acadiens - Tel: 02 97 31 74 53
  • Mediacap - Adress: rue H. Becquerel - PIBS - Vannes - Tel:
  • Atelier Multimédia - Adress: 38 Rue de la Croix Blanche 18600 - SANCOINS - Tel: 02 48 80 02 35

Nice & Cheap Places to Eat



There are about 130 Couchsurfers in Vannes and the area, feel free to contact them by searching them on a couchrequest or by posting some messages on the CS Group of Vannes.


There are some meetings organised in Vannes, you can check on the CS Group of Vannes if there is something happened or check on the Regional CS Group of Brittany (Bretagne) to see if there is an event organised in the area.

File:BBQ a nous.JPG
Barbecue in the center
File:Vannes Express.JPG
Vannes Express : Hitchhiking Adventure
File:CS meeting Vannes 05.02.09.JPG
During a CS Meeting in Vannes


Guillaume and his trailer
File:Meeting etang.JPG
One of this CS meetings

Guillaume organise weekly meetings (each saturday evening) in his field with his trailer at the edge of pool where we can swim and play games! (25km on the North of Vannes: Map)

They (Guillaume and Kevin) have built homemade things for our comfort:

  • Barbecue (campfire!) and Bread Oven (with the pool's clay)
  • Dry-Pit Toilet (ecological!) and Solar Shower,
  • Hut in a tree (for a nap?)

And there are some Musik Instruments (guitar, trombone, ukulele...)

Join us with your tent and sleeping bag... and swimsuit!

File:Pano etang.JPG
His paradise to share!

Coffee or a Drink

Here is a list of local couchsurfers who could be ready to show you the city or/and have a drink with you:


How to get to Vannes

  • By Car:
  • By Train: 3:00 from Paris, connections to Nantes, Bordeaux, Lyon, Lille, CDG airport
  • By Boat: boats to Belle Île, tours in the gulf of Morbihan in summer
  • By Plane: airports at Lorient, Nantes




  • Police Station:

Police Secours : 17
Hôtel de Police nationale - 13 boulevard de la Paix - Tel. : 02 97 68 33 33

Commissariat de secteur de Ménimur
1 rue Pierre Bonnard - Tel. : 02 97 62 05 65
From Monday to Friday from 9h30 to 12h a.m and from 2h30 to 6 p.m

Commissariat de secteur de Kercado
Place de Cuxhaven - Tel. : 02 97 62 26 20
From Monday to Friday from 9h30 to 12h a.m and from 2h30 to 6 p.m

Police municipale
Place Maurice Marchais - Hôtel de Ville, accès rue Hoche - Tel. : 02 97 01 61 61

Gendarmerie nationale
Groupement de gendarmerie - 2 place de la Libération - Tel. : 02 97 54 75 00

  • Baywatch:

CROSS Atlantique
Centre Régional Opérationnel de Surveillance et Sauvetage Maritime
40 Av. Louis Bougo - 56410 Étel - Tel. : 02 97 55 35 35

  • Health Urgency:

SAMU 56 : 15

  • Hospital:

Hôpital de Pontchaillou
2 rue Henri Le Guilloux - 35000 Rennes - Tél. : 02 99 59 22 22

  • Fireman Station:

Pompiers : 18

  • Embassy:
  • Emergency Doctor:

SOS Médecins : 3624
Night Pharmacy: 32 37


File:Ouest France Vannes2.JPG
Ouest France, Local Newspaper, July 26th 2008
File:CS Ouest France 26.02.10.JPG
Ouest France, Local Newspaper, February 26th 2010
File:Télégramme Vannes 5 mars 2010.JPG
Télégramme, Local Newspaper, March 5th 2010
Ouest France, local newspaper, May 14th 2011



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